Monday, 12 June 2017

Now We Build

Corbyn started a race 200 miles behind the Tories and caught up in less than 6 weeks.

He and we have energised and organised a mass movement of people from all ages, backgrounds and beliefs and unified much of what has been a divided country.

Don't let the media that have shown themselves up continue to dismiss and rewrite history, people are now engaged in politics and now the youth in particular are socially awoken, people have realised the last 7 years of cuts and austerity (so called savings) have only gave us mass homelessness, zero hours and fake employment, nurses in need of food banks and food banks in general in the 5th richest country on earth.

We now need to be even more courageous, even more creative and even more connecting with each other, the  solidarity between decent morals and hope of better days, better ways of doing things have been inspiring.

Politics no longer 'boring' and people understand.

Jeremy Corbyn has won this election by a massive landslide because politics is now for the many no longer just the few #JC4PM

By: Mike Whiting

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