Sunday, 6 September 2015

People don't risk death unless...

We are facing the largest movement of refugees since the World War II. The number of people forced to leave their homes rose to a record 60 million last year - with most of those people fleeing Syria's horrific war or coming from countries such as Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, and Iraq.

Migrants have been making appalling and terrifying journeys and all too often dying in the process.

People don't risk death unless they are desperate for life. People don't decide to uproot families unless that is the only choice available. But the response so far has been to vilify the people risking everything to get here, while fortifying borders: building more walls, erecting more fences, sending more militarised patrols, and raising the possibility of bombing the "death boats". As the walls go up around the borders, they have blocked our capacity to see the connections between foreign policies and the people living beyond our fortified frontiers.

Rather than dream of permanent relocation, refugees often wish to return home, if they could. 'Humanitarianism' begins to take on another dimension with walls and warships to turn back refugees seeking political asylum and sanctuary. Civilians have little option but to flee their homes from war and conflict, fueled and financed by arms supplied by the Big Powers and their proxies. Immigrant movements will not stop by razor wire. It will only force immigrants to change direction not destination.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Get To Know The Enemy And Their Agents

Get To Know The Enemy And Their Agents `

Has always been my own golden rule during the last 40 years of activism whether as a shop steward or just by vigorous campaigning to bring about and be a part of political and social change.

During the last 10 months of activism, occupation and squatting in London, one company has become very familiar to many a squatting crew and ours in particular. We have been evicted by them (County) so many times that I’ve even lost count of their involvement in our many outings and oustings.

County Enforcement Group operate nationwide, specialising in the areas of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), High Court enforcement, forfeiture of leases, removal of travellers, eviction of squatters and persons unknown, process serving, investigations and vacant building security.

Without even researching the statistics - my guess is this business has probably done very well since the financial crash of 2008 and subsequent years.       

County Enforcement have become our very own nemesis, the inescapable agent of London’s property owning class and their developers, turning over, turning out for profit whole areas, and working class communities swept away like dirt or litter in the process.

BAILIFFS are knocking on more doors than ever before as people face mounting debt and  council tax arrears have taken over from credit card debt as families strive to make ends meet.  Welfare reform, the reduction in tax credits and benefit cap have left many families in crisis.  

Leicester City Council used bailiffs more than 17,000 times in a year to recover millions of pounds of debts, it has been revealed. The use of bailiffs now legally called enforcement agents are being used more and more;  The number of people evicted from their rented homes hit record levels in 2014, according to official figures published in February, with rising rents and changes to benefits amongst the factors taking their toll on tenants’ finances.

Data from the Ministry of Justice showed that 42,000 homes were repossessed by landlords in England and Wales during the year, a rate of 115 a day. This was the highest figure since the records began in 2000 and came as the number of mortgage borrowers having their homes repossessed fell to its lowest level in eight years.

Peter Mooney - Senior Partner County Enforcement Group:

Peter (Money) Mooney described as a senior partner but in my estimation is, in fact, the sole owner in this repugnant, disgusting and abominable business.      

Mooney has been a Commercial Bailiff certificated by the county court for 30 years - he was the process server who personally served Arthur Scargill and the NUM with the injunction that froze the assets of the union.

He also served the union representatives in the disputed move from Fleet-Street to Wapping by the News International newspaper group and Rupert Murdoch's News International Titles with the injunction that seized the assets of the Unions.

Despite what's claimed on Counties’ website none of the above disputes were ended by the serving of any single injunction by and on behalf of the courts, and I have no need to go into these histories and past events here, only to say that the biggest contributing factor was the hesitance and indifference on the part of some bureaucratic Labour and Trade Union leaders to do anything.

County bailiffs are ruthless and will use violence to achieve an eviction whilst any police in attendance turn a blind eye, members of our squatting crew have been on the receiving end and can testify to this.

Some of the worst thugs in Britain are the bailiffs the government and corporations send out to collect their debts, they use intimidation tactics on the elderly and the poor, they take furniture and other belongings without permission or compassion and charge you £200 for it! and that’s all legal!

The trouble is bailiffs use bully tactics, they use intimidation on people that most of the time do not have much money, but that’s OK they will just take your furniture and sell it at an auction if it gets them a few quid, they even go after the elderly, the sick and the disabled! Pay your debts people say and you will not get bailiffs knocking your door, but who collects the debts from the corporations and governments when they rip us all off with bank charges and massive tax on cars, tobacco, alcohol, food, gas, electric and everything else they can possibly tax! Tesco, Amazon, News corp, Vodafone, and other massive corporation pay as little as 1% tax on their profit, why don’t the government send bailiffs to the tax evaders, take their stock and auction it? because the British governments are puppets to the corporations and the banks. A 71-year-old woman was jailed for a second time after refusing to pay her council tax! Josephine Rooney was sent to prison two years ago after withholding payment because she believed the local authority had failed to prevent her once-elegant street from being overrun by drug dealers.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A New Society Is Not Created By Steps Toward Socialism

Everywhere people are waking up and fighting against the oppression and exploitation which is a daily fact of their lives. The lies of the ruling class about “prosperity” are being further exposed every-day. There is prosperity alright – but it is for a handful of rich capitalists – the conditions of the working people are getting worse and worse. This system of capitalism is set up with one thing in mind – to make the most profits possible for the handful of people who own the big banks and corporations. It is the system under which we, and our parents and grandparents before us, have done all the work. We mine the mines, build the buildings, manufacture all the products: and then get just enough to live on – if we fight hard enough for it! On the other hand the small capitalist class builds up huge fortunes off of our labour.

The Socialist Way stands for the complete overthrow of the world capitalist system. There is only one class capable of conducting the struggle for a successful socialist revolution. That class is the working class. The workers have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win!

All the resources for a world of abundance, without pollution, disease and squalor, exist at the present time in skill, technique and science. They are the same resources used to produce pollution and destruction.

Humanity is at a crossroads. Capitalism’s continued rule offers humanity nothing but more wars, more mass acts of terror and grinding exploitation and poverty.

The world’s working class, the one class with no essential interest in oppression or exploitation, has the potential to put an end to capitalist barbarism. If it rises up to overthrow the capitalists in revolutions the planet over, it can take hold of the productive power of the world economy to put an end to poverty and build a world of abundance for all. It can end the racism, chauvinism and sex and gender oppression that thrives on capitalism’s world of want and competition.

Only by building a global movement can the working class prepare itself for the titanic task of undoing the disasters the capitalists keep making - and building a new world in their place.

A new society is not created by steps toward socialism.

There are no short cuts. There are several parties and groups around today such as Counterfire or Left Unity to name but two from a long list (Heinz baked beans and 57 other varieties) that call themselves “communist” or “socialist”.  This Blog has important disagreements with them. These parties and groupings all have one thing in common – they all dress themselves up with high-sounding revolutionary phrases, but underneath they are defenders of capitalism.

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