Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The True Benchmark of a Civilised Society

Being on active, moreover with The Love Activists (London), means you have to take everyday as it comes, no-day is the same for any participant or crew member. We all except that squatting in Central London’s re-developing West End means we will not really hold any building for any real length of time, the West End is really like a massive building site as Crossrail and others, disgracefully tear-down, churn up and destroy old London Town.

I was only reading the other day, that the tunnel machine that broke onto the eastern end of Liverpool Street a week or so ago, is named after HM the Queen, this follows on from her sister machine named after her great granny Victoria, and of course, amongst all of this is the drive to redevelop the city, property developers are set to make millions from building luxury housing and turn this city into a massive playground for the very rich, whilst thousands are driven out and denied housing.

In the first decade of the new millennium, the number of working class people in the capital fell by 620,000 - equivalent to the entire population of Glasgow moving out.

It seems to be more about how a new affluent society connected to the 1% is rising and replacing the old, the descendants of working people who made this city rich and defended it during the course of two world wars, they are now and by one way or the other, are being forced out. The developers who will reap huge profits from the coalition government’s latest planning policy, which absolves builders of the responsibility to include affordable housing.

When I think about it more, we are all living through the legacy that was left in place by Margaret Thatcher (may she rot in hell for evermore) and added to and indeed protected by New Labour in office, under Cameron and the coalition of the rich, for the rich by the rich; we see things are much worse. 

I suppose you could say, that our campaign is about and against the gentrification of working class London, this is clearly a movement that is growing throughout London not only amongst squatters but in all the areas and the dimensional (shrinking) shape of housing provision for working people. The excellent March for Homes, held almost two weeks ago is indeed evident of this. Whilst I can... I would like to congratulate, all those who took part, it was always my prayer that the march brought together and in unity, the many different sections of our movement, so I’m very pleased to say, that I was not disappointed, however, now more than ever, we should all build and re-double on all our very best and earnest efforts, to make the provision of good quality housing a clear and clarion call during and before the general election, as an expected basic human right for all... That is the true benchmark of a civilised society.

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