Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The word of mouth

On my way back home last night from helping out with a soup run in central London, I stop off at a supermarket on Cable Street in Tower Hamlets to buy some sugar and one of them energy drinks, whilst in the shop the assistant who was Bengali was so nice and accommodating young man as you could find, so I thought it a good idea to ask him what he was doing on this Saturday coming, he said he had no plans and that it was his day off, so I invited him to come along and join the National Demonstration for Gaza, to my astonishment he said he would, we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet up and travel together to the demonstration.

To me this only goes to show what we are able to do on our own and what is really possible, it is also an indication that the word of mouth, the vocalized form of human communication still has a part to play in building this movement and over the next few days I’m thinking of doing more of it!

Stop the War Coalition earlier today made the following announcement: “ We are building for the biggest demonstration for Gaza in London on Saturday. The meeting point for the demo will be announced later today. The delay in announcing this is because of another major event in central London at the same time. Please help us build the biggest demo by inviting all your friends to this Facebook event and by organizing on the streets in your area. Leaflets, posters, Free Gaza badges and other materials are available from the Stop the War office. Contact us via the web site: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/ More MPs from the UK Parliament than ever before are speaking out on this issue so we must keep the pressure up while the siege of Gaza continues with the British government's support.”

A friend on Facebook wrote the following to me in regard to this post: “That's so comforting to read, I often feel like I wish I could do more, but you're right! There's something to be said for each and every one of us who are concerned and want change for the better, speak up whenever you can”.

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