Friday, 15 August 2014

Netanyahu finds supporters and allies amongst the descendants of murders

Mass child killer Binyamin Netanyahu, commandant of Gaza concentration camp Palestine, which we know all too well, is a place with no basic human rights.  Netanyahu, did a spot of entertaining the other day, so delighted was he to welcome over New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for a visit to his Zionist state that Netanyahu fell into overdrive mode, this being one of the many opportunities that he seizes upon to undermine and weaken the Obama administration back in Washington, you see the Israeli government and the Obama administration don’t really get on that much, but that’s an other story.   .

I found his welcoming remarks to Governor Cuomo, somewhat interesting if not revealing,  especially about Netanyahu his attitude and character.

“I want to thank you for coming here, for standing clearly with Israel, representing the American people and the people of New York, and also representing the rejection of this false symmetry that is, has made. Just as you wouldn't put America and ISIS on the same moral plane, you'd never put Israel and Hamas on the same moral plane. Remember that Hamas celebrating 9/11; they celebrated the murder of thousands of innocent people, including thousands of New Yorkers. They celebrated! They were standing on the roofs cheering while all the people of Israel grieved with the United States. When the United States killed Bin Laden, they accused the United States and condemned the United States of committing crimes. This tells you where Hamas is and Israel is on the other side.”

I thank you for coming here and standing on the right side of the moral divide."

What a joker this man really is; he then went on to say that Hamas continues to do these horrible things that ISIS does:persecute Christians, persecute gays, persecute women, he insisted that they basically reject modernity and that they are a terrorist tyranny that is imposed on their people.

What I found astounding however and in the statement that he made, was and; if there was ever a man, who believed in his own lies, then Binyamin Netanyahu is he!

He also went on about human shields with the twist, that if people reject being used, they are executed and put to death.

This is the kind of moral divide that is evident today in the world he said; “and on one side you Israel and the United States representing democracies committing to human rights, committing to a real future for our people”.

Having considered his remarks, I think the man a born liar and that’s putting it mildly. There is not one shred of evidence provided by him or anyone for that matter that proves any of this.

For his part Governor Cuomo a snigering and grovelling so-called New Yorker in subservience of his pride with the head zionist, the cringing submissiveness of true love was on display here and as soon as he opened his mouth it fell out like a descending bomb sent to kill or maim, wound and injure the many.

Governor Cuomo confirmed for me that New York is not my kind of town when he said to Netanyahu “we want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, we want to stand in solidarity with you.” Cuomo said he understood the situation, that he and his delegation supported the right of Israel to defend itself against terror.

It is said that Cuomo has ambitions to run for the Presidency at some point, God help us in our hour of need if that ever happens is all I can say. Governor Cuomo is for me a really good example of why I feel that the US is nothing more than a force for evil in the world, the seeds of which were first planted with the genocide of the indigenous (Red Indian) native of the Americas and the Western Hemisphere present there 13,500 years ago. It is hardly surprising then that Netanyahu finds supporters and allies amongst the descendants of murders.

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