Monday, 11 August 2014

It could only happen to me and at the biggest demonstration ever for Palestine

On my way to the biggest demonstration ever for Palestine, I decided to take my favorite route into central London and on my trusted bike, as I so much enjoy and especially the scenery that I pass by and always the history of it all. As soon as I get down to Limehouse from Canning Town and swing into Cable Street it starts to take shape, that great battle in 1936 and the giant painting or rather mural on the side of St George's old Town Hall a crowning reminder of that epic fight won over the fascists, I can almost still hear the shouts ‘they shall not pass’. I just  love this place of Tower Hamlets the people and it’s very rich diversity. Anyhow, traveling along the whole length of Cable Street I soon reach Tower Hill once renowned and famous for outdoor speakers and socialist agitators of old long gone as the place is crawling most days with tourists, as I hit the Themes Pathway I notice hundreds of people walking along it and many are Bengali, not all but many, it’s difficult with such numbers to navigate my bike, I ask one group where they were heading, and a very polite young man informs me to Oxford Street and the BBC, my heart takes another beat filled with joy, for this only confirms to me as I mount my bike and ride into the sunset direction of the BBC the march was going to be huge and enormous and there friends I wasn't disappointed.

Sometimes in life we have to temporarily give up the goals and dreams we want for ourselves for the goals and dreams of others, that about sums up how I feel about Gaza and Palestine, that’s what my week has been like working in my own small way to build the demo, support it and do whatever I can for the people of Gaza the victims of a genocide, the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of this particular ethnic group and nation..synonyms with: mass murder and massacre.

“A government which sells arms to Israel, which continues to back Tony Blair as peace envoy in the Middle East ,and which has found serial defences for Israel’s deliberate targeting of civilians, is now under pressure to respond to widespread concern on this issue.
At the very least parliament should be recalled for an emergency debate where MPs can discuss an arms embargo and sanctions on Israel.”  From Lindsey German Blog

I have never felt so fired-up as I do now, when people come together in such unity and solidarity as we have done over the course of the last few weeks, well anything and yes’ everything is possible, this has the makings of a great movement I do so believe!

I must keep these thoughts in my mind all the times, along with the images I’ve seen of the dead the injured, but by far the worse have been images of children ripped apart, heads blown away, so graphic in detail that I can only view them for a split second. This is all because Terrorist Israel steals Palestinian land, water, oil and gas and they are supported by the US and our government.
We have to at the most all do what we can, whilst holding demonstrations are important that’s only part of the work in hand, talking to people in general and social media is playing a big part in all of this, keep it up comrades! And of course I almost forgot, build the biggest boycott of Israeli goods and services ever.

There is so much more I could say about saturdays demo, which started off at the BBC and it’s news a weapon of mass distraction, the extreme agitation in the wrong direction of the mind and emotions, has been it’s end game. You're eyes will, the faculty by which a person decides the and mind must be boxed-in square, there was more diversity in the old Dandy and Beano comics.

All the speakers bar two, were really good but the one that hit home for me was Glyn Secker, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, speaking at huge rally in Hyde Park :

"Today, an image remains in my mind. It is the image of a Palestinian father carrying the flesh of his son in a plastic bag. As a Jew, I will not ever be associated with these monstrosities. Never in my name, never in my life, never in my children's life."

The journey on the way back home was as interesting, revealing and packed with a little adventure?

Down the most polluted Road in London I peddled my old pushbike, like something out of hell packed with crazy people I decided to take a different route home through the city, the Square Mile they call it, and as I was heading into Holborn at what is known as the Holborn Viaduct I came across an artist painting with oils on canvas the images of some old buildings, this guy was good and I said as much as I had a wee chat with him as I like and enjoy art very much, but not wishing to take up to much of his time I decided in my mind that I should take off, and as I was just about to do just that, the artist, the creative human being that I met on the Viaduct asked me a question; ‘what was I doing wearing an Arabic Scarf (the keffiyeh) around my neck?

Well at first I thought that’s good, a brewing political discussion is in hand. I told him that I had been to the Demonstration for Gaza, and so had 150,000 other people. He then told me that he was Jewish and that Hamas were Terrorists, and why was I supporting them he asked? Well you could have knocked me off my bike with a feather. Well, what ensued was a very interesting at times very heated discussion, won’t go into it all but just to say the poor man got a good intellectual pasting, how could I fail I’d just been to and listened attentively to some of the best speakers around, there are just two things that stand out in my mind that he said to me, the first is he said that I came across as aggressive, to which I said he confuses that with passion, and the second was he kept saying had I ever been to Israel, I had a good answer for everything he had said in support for Israel, I just hope I had not put him off or killed his inspiration to paint and It could only happen to me!

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