Thursday, 7 August 2014

I was informed at a volunteers (Stop the War) meeting last night

I was informed at a volunteers (Stop the War) meeting last night, that the weekend demonstration for Gaza will exceed in numbers all others. Public opinion stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine. On Saturday coming, the message is a clear one to our government, shame on you and your complicity with Israel and not in our name!!!

Personally speaking, I would like to see the Israeli Ambassador expelled and the embassy closed, that arms and weapon contracts or licences are immediately revoked and all trade with this evil and wicked Zionist state is suspended.

It’s so important now that we build and re-establish as a force for change the peace movement in this country and I have to say that I place much credit on the shoulders of both John Rees and Lindsey German and indeed many others who have kept the movement focused and going.

During the last few weeks many of my posts have been in connection and in solidarity with Gaza and Palestine, some of the photographs have been I know horrifying to look at, and I really do apologise that I had to do this, and I know that I’ve lost some friends because of this and in one case I could no longer bite my lip or stomach any more racist comments being made against Muslims in general by lets just say someone who I’ve known since childhood, I disconnected and stopped that friendship after a frustrating and pointless time trying to reason with this sad individual of a single human being.  

For me comrades all, a day, an hour is not going to waste, whatever it takes, whatever I must do no matter how small or large it is, it will be done, I take my place proudly in this movement and hope you will all join me, because I know a better world is possible, if you are able to make it then I will be so glad to stand with you on Saturday!  

I originally placed this post on my facebook page (Norbert Lawrie) early today, just trying as I can to do my bit. Day after day we see the shocking images from Gaza - men, women and innocent children being killed, injured and driven from their homes. The war is over 2,300 miles away. But the Israeli army is using weapons containing British-made parts, sold to the Israeli government with the consent of the UK government.

Pressure is mounting on the UK government to stop sending British weapons into this warzone. Other European countries such as Spain have already announced a ban. Senior MPs from all parties are starting to speak out. Now we need to get David Cameron to do something!

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