Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Millions are forced through the ringer of austerity whilst parliamentarians drink champagne

Budgets undeniably, are tight as millions of us are forced through austerity, some take an unprecedented cut in their standard of living, then struggling with low pay or having to take a pay cut just to keep a job, then there are the millions, the legions and multitudes reliant on the foodbank and the handout just to keep body and soul together and sustained physically and mentally strong, It’s definitely hard for many of us and has been for some considerable time now!

However, it’s good to know that for some the good times never ended and the champagne still flows and the party never came to an end.

It’s been reported in our press, that  champagne consumption in Westminster appears immune to austerity measures.  As new  figures uncovered by the Huffington Post UK show that there has been a substantial rise in the number of bottles of bubbly ordered by the House of Commons since the current coalition came to power.

This tax year the catering services at Westminster bought 8,082 bottles of the luxury tipple, a 72 per cent increase from the 4,691 bottles purchased in 2010. The rise has been a steady one, with approximately 1000 more bottles ordered in each year.

The total cost of stocking the House of Commons with champagne has added up to £275,221 since 2010. This brought Westminster over 25,000 bottles, which MPs and their staff are able to buy at a rate subsidised by the taxpayer.
Two Labour MPs a few years back  were involved in a champagne drinking contest which got so raucous one needed medical treatment while on official business in Paris.

Earlier this year the Metro newspaper published anonymous complaints made by MPs about the on-site subsidised catering services. These included concerns about the "embarrassing" lack of Martini and a request for "more fresh game" to be introduced to the menu.

Would you believe that 78% of our current Government’s MPs are millionaires. How in touch with the ordinary man and his everyday experience can they be must be the question?

Adding up the amount of ‪‎Millionaires‬ in both the House of Commons & the House of Lords - in TOTAL nearly 80% are Millionaires.
Currently 75% of 'Government Cabinet Ministers' - within parliament are Millionaires. Those that sit in the House of Commons  and the House of Lords all Members of Parliament - The figures If you include both Houses TOTAL - members 1462 (650 MPs + 812 House Lords).
In TOTAL nearly 80% are MILLIONAIRES.

I believe parliament should represent the majority not the minority !! But the reality is - We are governed by a MILLIONAIRES - Democracy ?.

The 99% in Britain are struggling in chronic poverty, unable to pay bills, buy quality food items. Meanwhile both the House of Commons and the House of Lords enjoy privilege beyond our wildest imagination.
These Lords and MP's hold many assets - (many hidden from public view), including savings and (second income wages). There are Lords and MP's who gain extra payments from industrial lobbyist.

Benefit Claimants are quite rightly 'angry' at those who sit in an 'undemocratic & an unelected House of Lords. Those MP's and those who sit in the Lords firmly believe it's OK to hold two jobs & enjoy a subsidised restaurant and bar. In contrast benefit claimants are struggling to buy food, pay bills or 'even get the benefit payments'. This indeed is a real scandal a true story of the political class the real parasites and scroungers that clearly live off others.

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