Thursday, 17 July 2014

Gold plated silver-tongued self-opinionated and minted Owen Jones

Gold plated, silver-tongued, self-opinionated and minted Owen Jones who has appeared over the last few years as a standard bearer of what is left of the old left now very much diminishing in the Labour Party that was; he has made good use of his position as a columnist for the Guardian in attacking his opponents to the left of where he stands, in this article (Mocking an Eton boy's death is the worst politics of envy) that appeared in the said newspaper on Monday.  

Although, I must confess that I do share his feelings in regard to the youngster and Eton College pupil from Salisbury, mauled to death by a polar bear in Norway's Svalbard archipelago in 2011.

Indeed, it is in very bad taste, disgusting and arousing revulsion and rightly a strong indignation that the SWP can speak so ill and mock the tragic death of this young man whatever his background or upbringing may have been. However, Jones in my opinion, wastes time and energy and only illuminates what is after all a spent influence in and amongst our movement and I think that his planned and penned attack has more to do with shoring up his own position as a leader of the the People's Assembly, which is beginning to lose ground and not metabolising or even materialising into anything like an effective fightback against austerity if the last national demonstration is anything to go by only 50,000 on it, some fight back?

In his article Jones also attacks the anarchist Ian Bone and Class War, I must say I think that Bone is really a bit of a joker if his blog is anything to go by, however there is nothing wrong with a humorist writer, but the anarchist movement in general in this country commands a great deal of respect from me, and some friends have even suggested that my own politics are quite close to the anarchists, possibly, all I know is that they work hard in defending and standing up for working people whether its housing or the attacks on welfare and combating the worst effects of poverty on the many, they are mostly to be found on the front and that counts the most at the end of the day.

I am no fan of Owen Jones, and yes I do consider him and the top table of the People’s Assembly to be nothing more than "champagne socialists". the very same self-appointed leaders who led and still lead the so-called anti-war movement which stopped nothing, they, have and make a very good living out of all this, Jones now a journalist, always popping up on the telly doesn't do it for peanuts he makes good money, not like the rest of us, and I include myself in this description, who live in poverty of one kind or another and have felt the boot go in over the course of this government's assault on the poor and low paid. The last thing we need is lectures from the like of Owen and his mates, the priority should be building unity of purpose not a bounty hunt or a beauty contest of righteousness, where the sun never shines.

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