Saturday, 8 March 2014

Our greatest barriers to progress are man-made

Right now as I write and you read, an estimated 5.6 million people are starving to death, whilst a billion are suffering from malnutrition. Now really think about that...Empathize if you can, with how that must feel.This is single-handedly the one stark piece of evidence that blatantly screams out that this system doesn't work.

Because people are actually starving to death...utterly bonkers! No one should have to suffer so unnecessarily. And why are they? Because of money.

The solution to these problems isn't hard. If someone is starving, give them food. Give everyone free access to food, as all should have. It's a basic human right. It's so simple and obvious that we will one day look back on this period of time with the same eyes we glance back at the holocaust with.

But what about infertile land and feeding such a quickly growing population? These are genuine complex, head-scratching political issues aren't they? No they are not.

Aside from such benefits as faster growth, a healthier, more nutritious crop, much stronger resistance to disease and no need for soil, AEROPONICS allows us to grow food, in air, ANYWHERE. Now, that's revolutionary. We've grown potatoes in space, but we can't feed the starving tummies on our planet.

Here's an an Aeroponic Sky Farm in every village, town or city all over the world growing peppers, squashes, chillies, hemp, tomatoes etc, and have them run and supervised using automated technology. People will then be free to come and pick, and eat, whatever they desire maybe even having cooking classes/kitchens in the farm in which to pop down and make a little something. This isn't impossible. It's not even hard for us any more. It's a basic, simple shot of Logic and Love. When people have become so conditioned by an insane culture, that starvation has become something 'normal', whilst at the same time we are pursuing the very thing that is creating the problem, then the game of digits, cards and paper has gone too far...way too far.

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