Sunday, 16 February 2014

more poisons seem to be entering our food chain

Food is essential for life. It should be pure, nutritious and free from any type of adulteration for proper maintenance of human health.

Despite the many improvement in production, processing and packaging, more poisons seem to be entering our food chain. For example Indian spices and 'masalas' add taste and flavour to food and also help in digestion. Some spices like turmeric have an antiseptic effect on the body. But what is most important is the quality of these ingredients. Every consumer wants to get maximum quantity of a commodity for as low a price as possible. This attitude of the consumer being coupled with the intention of the traders to increase the margin of profit, where the quality of the commodity gets reduced through addition of a baser substance and / or removal of vital elements also commonly known as food adulteration.

Results found by a council laboratory in West Yorkshire reveal that almost 40% of 900 food samples were not what they were advertised, or were mislabelled in some way. The tests were part of a general surveillance programme by the local authority, and as part of checks focusing on products prone to being counterfeited.

Herbal slimming tea containing neither tea nor herbs, but rather glucose powder mixed with prescription obesity medication at 13 times the normal dose; beef mince that contained pork or poultry products. Ham was often made using poultry that was coloured pink in the production process. Illegal additives found in fruit juices included brominated vegetable oil, which is meant to be used as a flame retardant and is linked to behavioural problems in rats at high doses.  A product labelled as vodka was in fact made from isopropanol, used in antifreeze and as an industrial solvent.

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