Thursday, 6 February 2014

how one man died whilst waiting for his benefits

There is no question in my mind, that there are many who deliberately cheat the system, lie and claim state benefits that they could do otherwise without. I know this to be a fact, from unfortunately people that I have encountered over the last few years. But it is also equally true to say that there are many rich people, businesses and so-called entrepreneur, businessman and women who also lie, cheat and avoid paying taxes and still expect the benefits that the British state provides to the modern capitalist.

I have to also say, that there are a great many genuine claimants, be they sick, disabled or elderly who really do need the support and help of a compassionate, civilized and fair society, something that is very unfamiliar to what we have today.      

“A bank in the UK could lend, say, $1bn to a US bank… generating tax-free income in the UK but a tax deduction in the US – and then simply borrow it back. For the second leg a different instrument could be used that generated tax-free income in the US and a tax deduction in the UK. The banks had simply swapped $1bn, to no economic effect beyond two tax breaks, while quite possibly keeping any mention of the debts off either’s balance sheet. Such tricks – the creation of debt more for tax advantages than any real business need – undoubtedly contributed to huge levels of inter-bank indebtedness that triggered the financial crisis.” – Richard Brooks, The Great Tax Robbery, p86.   

If you are not deeply disturbed by the implications of the above quotation, read it again until you are. Richard Brooks is saying that the major banks of the UK, the USA, and who knows how many other countries colluded to hide massive amounts of money from the tax man by claiming – falsely – that it was debt.

Or if you would like to be really deeply disturbed the story of how one man died whilst waiting for his benefits has now been covered by the ‘Daily Mirror, with more details. You can find it here:

Paul had worked all his life until he became ill last year. His appointment letter for his mandatory reassessment was sent to the wrong address – it was sent to number 52 and he lived at 52A. His MP spotted the mistake but it took 14 weeks to sort out.

On the 2/1/14 he was told he would be paid. He was too sick to collect the money himself so he gave a friend his bank card to collect it. The money didn’t come in until Tuesday the 7th Paul’s friend went round to deliver him the money, couldn’t get an answer so broke the door down; found his friend lying dead. The friend had Paul’s cash in his pocket but the dwp had sent it just too late.

When David Cameron said that we are all in it together, who would have ever have thought that some would have to pay for the crisis of capitalism with their lives, and lets be frank about it, that's many thousands!”

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