Monday, 27 January 2014

winter has not shown as yet any real bite

It seems to have been a while since my last posting, and I have become a workaholic, a person who compulsively works hard and for long hours, and that’s not by choice. It’s all down to the evil deranged wickedness of Iain Duncan Smith.

I must do about 30 miles on my bike a day looking for scrap to sell to my local dealer here in Canning Town. It’s hard work, make no mistake about that and not that rewarding as the price of scrap keeps falling, but in a strange kind of way I like doing it along with the freedom of being my own boss.

This winter has been quite mild despite the appalling rain that has wrecked many a family home in others parts of the country, and those families have my sympathy which is all I can offer really, the government and local authorities should do more, it’s not fair and equitable or acceptable  that these families should witness a lifetimes work of building a home only to see it floating down the road just like the car in the photo above which a police underwater search unit inspected near the village of Muchelney in Somerset. Owen Paterson the head of The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) can take some of the blame for his climate-change scepticism could be exposing the UK to a higher risk of flooding and other global warming consequences and of course along with his own departments cuts. I suppose that those most affected would have probably voted for one of the coalition parties considering themselves to be middle England, but lets not hold that against them for in reality they are members of the working class as I have been at pains many times to explain, there are only two classes in our society, those that own and control and those of us who sell our labour power power in order to live.

So here we are then, Monday morning, the start of the last week in January and of the first month of the year, considered to be the second month of winter, and how the time is beginning to fly past, at this rate it will soon be Easter. Many of us of course, will be praying that the weather stays on the mild side and obviously without the rain. However, I was thinking how disappointing it must be for the gas and electric utilities, that winter has not shown as yet any real bite, but I do realise that we are only halfway through the winter months and things could change and as February can be a very cold month, still we have not seen any road gritters out in London so local councils will have saved a bit of money, and the homeless the old will have more of a chance of surviving, and thank God above will continue to live and exist albeit only just!”

Whilst up to now winter may be mild still three in five people (58%) are worried about the effect that higher bills will have on their finances and 53% - or 27 million - will have to cut spending to cope, according to a study by a consumer body. The survey found that of those who plan on cutting their spending, 59% say they will have to reduce the amount they spend on food, 37% will look for ways to reduce their energy bills, 8% will consider moving to a cheaper home, that’s if they can find one.

Things can only get worse as many fields resemble giant lakes, with livestock lost, we then can expect this to be reflected in higher prices in shops and supermarkets, but there is always a food bank to call on!”

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