Thursday, 9 January 2014

the murders of Jean Charles de Menezes, Ian Tomlinson and now Mark Duggan.

The inquest verdict that Mark Duggan - who was shot by police in August 2011, sparking riots across England - was lawfully killed dominates many front pages. The Independent describes it as "one explosive verdict".

I know that the inquest was held at The Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand in London as I’ve passed by on one or two occasions on my way to meet with friends in Lincoln's Inn Fields on nights that we have attended the soup runs that are held nightly and nearby. On one occasion I have witnessed the manhandling and subsequent arrest of supporters and members of Mark’s family, quite shocking really when I think about it and always confirming to me that there is no such thing as justice in this society, and that is something that many are slowly beginning to realise.

The delivery of yesterday’s verdict had taken me by complete surprise and I learnt about it on twitter having been out most of the day working. I came home to an outpouring of anger and disbelief after the verdict was made public. I am under no doubt whatsoever, that this is yet another black stain on the reputation and integrity (what little they had) of the Metropolitan Police here in London, their standing in the public perception has now fallen to an all time low, a tainted dishonored depravity of broken trust. Such wickedness is a debauchery that they will never recover from.

The death of Duggan resulted in public protests and very strong objection in Tottenham over the circumstances of his killing, fuelled in part by poverty and racial tension. The protests led to conflict with police, escalating into a riot in Tottenham and spreading around the capital where the police lost control and had to draft in reinforcements from around the country. These events are widely seen as proximate causes for the 2011 England riots.

The public inquest on the Duggan killing began on 16 September 2013, and ended yesterday 8 January 2014 with an 8–2 majority concluding that Duggan's death was a lawful killing. This is just unbelievable and no wonder the all male jury had to be rushed out of court, who picks the jury Theresa May?”

Whilst there is much to still be carefully considered with regard to the real role of the Metropolitan Police and who and what they really protect, the one thing that I can say with a degree of fact and certainty is that blood, working class blood drips from that blue lamp and stains our streets, never forget the murders of Jean Charles de Menezes, Ian Tomlinson, and now Mark Duggan.

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