Monday, 20 January 2014

That red flag with the word ‘Revolution’ printed on it

The weekend is always over before it even starts, has always been my experience.

Even when we are not working, relaxation and just trying to have a break away from it all, seems to end all too quickly and then it’s back to work, of course that's if you're in the very fortunate position to have a job. But even if you are locked up and held in unemployment, just staying afloat and holding up on benefit is hard work. Still the weekend is considered to be a time of rest and break from the many worries and stresses, and there are many of them!” We don’t take serious enough our own mental and emotional state of mind at the end of the week, the tension resulting from participating and existing in and under capitalism, from adverse and very demanding circumstances such as they are today. I think that capitalism brings on many stress-related illnesses!

I think that we spend by far, too much time working or not working, whatever the case may be.

We do not spend enough quality time with our families or the ones we really love, many do miss-out on those magical moments of being able to enjoy and witness their own children grow-up, maybe we are too busy trying to pay the bills, and bringing the bacon home has meant chaining many down to the floorboards.

Do we live to work - or do we work to live?”

I read and hear much about  cuts, about austerity how it hurts many, the attack on welfare has and is visible, and still it is allowed to continue as our political masters push ahead with more of the same, but with more intense pain. Many do not realise what this coalition of the rich have put in place or what’s coming.

The ruling class are beating us with a great long stick, many have got their heads down and are happy as it seems taking the beating being handed down to us. Things will not change if we change our socks and elect a government of the Miliband Labour Party.

This coalition has been one of the rich demonstrating that they in some respects can stick together, and on an international scale. But around the world workers and their supporters have taken to the streets inspired by the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. The Occupy Movement not just Wall Street but around the world has given us some real hope that there are still people prepared to draw a line and make that stand, and thank God above that they are amongst us albeit in rather small numbers but growing with each passing day.

This seems to be the best time to explain that despite everything that’s happened, we can see that people are beginning to rise. Some are losing their lives in these struggles, never let us lose sight of that, violence is always abhorrent and abominable as capitalism itself.

The red flag that I picked up from the road after the police had charged students with houses in Parliament Square in 2010, hangs on my living room wall, and it reminds me of that days violence, it reminds me of the thousands, the thousands who took part in it, the youth, the brave children young comrades, standing up for a free for all education system. I still see in my minds eye the layout carefully arranged elaborate security precautions that were made and put in place, the police the violence still fresh in my mind.

That red flag with the word ‘Revolution’ printed on it, now dirty and looking old still inspires me more than anything else, not strange but true!  

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