Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas on the street

It’s a long way from Christmas to Camden
With one tinnie to last me the night.
Dossed down in a damp, stinking doorway
Cardboard dulling the cold’s vicious bite.

All the revellers’ laughter around me
Cuts sharp with the frost, through my mind.
Shapes visions as brilliant as crystal
Of some life that once left me behind.

I can no more go back than one falling
From a cliff might soar into the air
Thronged with voices of lost loved ones, calling
Through the fogs of confusion and fear.

People pass and glance down as if I were
Something foul on the sole of their shoe.
Yes, it’s a long way from Christmas to Camden
And it’s a long way from Camden to you.

By Andre Rostant
Camden Big Issue vendor

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