Monday, 2 December 2013

the reincarnation of the Labour Party

Saturday just past, witnessed the birth of a new Left Party here in Britain, can it be said, and for the umpteenth time?”

Around 400 people attended the event in London to launch “The Left Party” the brainchild of film director Ken Loach, and it already has over 1200 members - will this new movement of the left, die and become dry and shriveled, and then wither away like so many that came before, still this remains to be seen, time will keep us informed.

From a safe distance, I have kept an eye on its developments around the country, and by all accounts it has attracted many, but has to be said, the many disillusioned types who have already done the ‘treadmill tread’ in Respect or of the SWP, of Workers' Power, of Militant or the SP, sometimes of the Labour left or the Green Party or the CP. and other organisations of the so-called very fragmented left.

There seems to be an obsession that has a hold of sections of the left in Britain, that wants and longs for the reincarnation of the Labour Party, the rebirth of a sole in a new body - as if this was ever going to happen, I definitely think not comrades all.

What puts me off this new party is the movers and clandestine, surreptitious individuals that have already taken a foothold of the new organisation, they and their supporters will make or break it in the end, but for me at the end of the day, all we have here is yet another left reformist party that will change little or nothing - only a revolution will do that.

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