Sunday, 1 December 2013

"The people of Scotland are Special"

That terrible accident in Glasgow, has moved many to wonder and marvel at the strength and determination (to help others) that has won the admiration of millions around the world...The many, that unselfishly turned-back to help others out of the collapsing building, has confirmed something I have known for ages!”

The people of Scotland are special, and in that great city, it’s the people, that make Glasgow so special and, otherwise different from the other.

The many unselfish acts of heroism, bravery and the courage to help others, is breathtaking and awe-inspiring!”

At a time like this, just weeks away from Christmas our prayers and thoughts should go out and towards many a family home, where a light has gone out a loved person missing. They (family and friends) more, than anyone, are in good hands, such is Glasgow when a community comes together like this - Well done Scotland working class people at their best, when they come together!”

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