Saturday, 7 December 2013

‘son of the soil’

This week has been a particularly... sad and mournful time for many, that I do understand. But it was the working class display of empathy and love - that came over so strongly - the people of Glasgow are just amazing!” They are perfection, they have that magic touch.  

So sad and a great loss, the news of, with the passing of Nelson Mandela.

He was and still is loved and worship by millions, and this is really amazing too. But to be fair, Nelson,was indeed someone special, a real loving, human being. He did forgive them, and he took his enemy, with his self-sacrifice, he lost much because of his love of and for others.

I don’t think it’s the right time to question, his work, and at this time of mourning and deep sorrow.

However, apartheid in (in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race is a thing  of the past, this is true.

But what of the brutal and savage class system; what of poverty, the corruption and the collaboration of the ANC with capitalism?

In time Nelson Mandela will be held up like Gandhi is today. I did read one report that said the following in regard to his funeral:.

“The scale of the event and the level of attention and emotion surrounding it has had observers searching for a precedent, with some going as far back as the funeral of India's independence hero Mahatma Gandhi.”

His family have now called him a ‘son of the soil’, world leaders are falling over each other; is it any wonder then, that you start to feel a bit dizzy. Many I think, have sacrificed much, and yes, I will remember Mandela, but I will never forget: Soweto - The Soweto riots of 1976 were the most brutal and violent riots that had taken place against the South African apartheid administration. It was also stunning in just how far and how fast it spread. Its significance would go beyond the violence on the streets. The police actions during the riots would be part of what instigated a worldwide boycott of South African produce and signalled the increased militancy of the black population of South Africa.

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