Sunday, 22 December 2013

not cult like worship

The thing that I celebrate every day and without failure, and gain greatest strength from in this political world that I inhabit and move within, it is enjoying my own independence - which is more important now than ever it was!”

I also celebrate not being a member of any particular organised political party, none on the left in this country are fit for purpose is my own opinion sadly put, and my understanding is that they are lurching from one internal crisis to the next, and to be honest then, I’m not really bothered, it’s all a diversion from our real struggle with the ruling class of this country and within that class war currently ongoing.

Why should anyone in their right mind get involved in these left groups and, their leadership structure, cult like worship of say, Trotsky Leon the revolutionary and theorist, or indeed others is in reality beyond me!”

In my many years of coming into contact on and off with these many different left groups, has left me with one very disturbing and lasting impression of them, they all have a reputation of violence and in some cases, sexual indiscrations by it's own members and like in the case of Geary Healy some years back, this very much still lingers in my mind and a meeting in my youth where a comrade was being expelled at the local (Workers Revolutionary Party) branch meeting in Hull.

It can be a very lonely life for many a genuine Socialists these day’s; but what does a genuine Socialist look like these days anyway then?”

I sure as hell don’t know, that’s the truth, as I do think that these groups are only just now beginning to fall apart and at the seams, it was very disturbing to read the accounts of bullying within the Socialist Party on another blog that I respect very much. This should not be happening, and it should not be tolerated by socialists and democrats alike.

The Socialist Party should always remember that when they were being ‘Militant’ and operating in the Labour Party and, remembering the control they had won and held within Labour Party Young Socialists (LPYS).  Many ordinary party members (non-aligned) had much time for them the LPYS, and defended them and ‘Militant’ in the subsequent witch-hunt of the Kinnock years.

I don’t think much more can should (I was thinking of joining?) or can be said about the Socialist Party, other than to say that they are and have always been control freaks, and that's a very bad condition that has nothing to do with socialism.

So to me not being a member of a party is everything I need along with being a member of the working class and an active member of the wider and more extensive Labour movement.

That’s all you need unless you are a sheep that domesticated ruminant animal?

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