Saturday, 23 November 2013

the bounce of life

Whoever we are, wherever we are from; the one thing that I do know, is that we all value and have regard for, is that something special to be found in a friendship and in relationships of many different kinds, we need them, they are important, they are the spring and the very bounce of life, some are good, some are sadly bad, inadequate and unacceptable, such as with the boss at work or even negligent and very unacceptable as it is with this current government that rules over us.  

They (relationships) are the connection, the relation in which two or more concepts meet, the association of a group of people organized for a joint purpose like a trade union, the link where one thing affects the other, the correlation of a mutual relationship between two or more, or they are the correspondence of a close similarity, the parallel of lines and surfaces that lie in a position side by side, the alliance and form for mutual benefit, the bond of agreement, the interrelation of structure and function, the interconnection of being connected and indeed they are much more.

I was thinking about this yesterday for a time ; you see for the last six months, I have had a friend gladly stay with me in my council flat - Dave is homeless, and scandalously, just like many others, but more than this he is a very good friend, and when sober a lovely person to be with and have around; he has a very sharp mind and a great sense of humor and a quality of being amusing and comic, but for some years, even more than he cares to remember, Dave has got into one addiction or another, be it alcohol, class A drug taking, and here again I must point out, like many others who have lost their way perhaps; but who am I to judge others or anyone else for that matter? Attitudes, wants, beliefs and behaviour are, of course, not products of biology, but of societies.

All I know, there are times in all our lives when we need to have a friend, and Dave has been just that to me over the years in one way or another. To be really honest, I did for a while (shamelessly) turn my back on Dave, when the drug and drink took a hold of him, and the company he kept of undesirables and deviants of a kind started to use Dave to the point that his council flat became open house to drug misuse and abuse, they had no regard or in the end respect for Dave the person, and to cut this part of the story short he ended up having a breakdown; one night Dave took himself off to the nearest high-rise tower block with the intention of throwing himself off from the top of the building’s rooftop, luckily a caretaker spotted Dave on CCTV, and with his quick thinking and action alerted the police, they in turn took Dave to Newham General Hospital where he was sectioned under the Mental Act.

I visited Dave in Hospital a few times just before he agreed to go on and participate on a detox program as a resident inpatient in Bournemouth, he was there for about six months, then one day missing Canning Town so much he came back only to discover that his council flat had been boarded-up, fitted with steel doors as it had been reposed by the council because thousands of pounds of damage had been done to the property, so bad was it, that the council claimed it to be uninhabitable and refused to do anything unless Dave accepted full liability, and that’s how Dave came to stay with me.

I should also say, that the damage done to the flat, was done by those who Dave had mistakenly took to be his friends, but were in fact anything but and addicts themselves.

Life can for most of us at given times be very cruel, brutal, savage and inhuman, especially if you are on the receiving end and from supposedly so called friends, this is a lesson that my friend Dave has learnt the hard way, and I am very pleased to say that he no longer suffers fools gladly ("For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise).", as once he did.

Sometimes when I see what is occurring in my community, amongst my class; I begin to think that we are in many respects being driven backwards, back to the cave, back to a time of a lesser civilisation amongst the poor. Not only are we the product of capitalism reflection, a great many amongst our class tend to poorly imitate what they experience in their own lives, at work they feel the whip lasses of the boss, they see the accumulation of such wealth by a few and dream of a lifestyle to match, they use others as they themselves have been used and exploited with little or no regard. We are taught to succeed, to compete and be as ruthless as the system under which we are forced to live and comply with.  

I like what Oscar Wilde has said on such matters: “The evolution of man is slow. The injustice of men is great.”

The provision and accommodation of Dave in my home is indeed a great pleasure, to be able to help someone, and keep them safe, is indeed worthwhile, because without Dave the world would be a poorer place for sure. In writing this post I am able to get some things off my chest, able to clear and share thoughts idea and opinion - as part, my own contribution to building that better world free from the bully and free from the capitalist exploiter who use something or someone selfishly - their days are numbered.

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