Thursday, 7 November 2013

Anonymous is such a wonderful person and so is the comedian Russell Brand

Anonymous is such a wonderful person and so is the comedian Russell Brand, who attended the 5 November Anonymous march in London. The thing that I like about Anonymous the Movement, is that it has no leaders, this of course as regular readers of this blog will know, has always appealed to me, as having leaders and even followers creates its very own problems, and yes, I think of the squabbles, the very noisy quarrels, some petty and trivial in comparison to what should be our real goal, to bring about and  to change for the better our society.

Time wasting has become a hallmark sadly, and has held our people the working class back; we have allowed ourselves to be tied up with all manner of rules and bureaucratic maneuvers in the wider Labour and Trade Union movement’. But please, don’t get me wrong, procedure, respect and fair play have there place - but not at a price - what I call the shovel two step swing, thats one step forward and two back.

Anonymous has a history of hacking and engaging in other maneuverings on November 5. Why? Because November 5 is an important date for the mysterious hacker-activist collective, mostly due to the graphic novel and film “V for Vendetta.” (That’s also where their iconic masks come from).

November 5 first became a day of infamy back in 1605, when a group of English Catholics attempted to assassinate King James of England, who was a Protestant. Though the plot was unsuccessful, the next year, November 5 was deemed an official day of commemoration, over time earning the name Guy Fawkes Day. While Fawkes was not the mastermind of the plot, he was holding the explosives.

So what did Anonymous end up doing then ? In the end, not much in the way of hacking. They did launch worldwide protests in multiple cities, including Bangkok, Washington, Amsterdam, London, and Chicago, according to a well-known Anonymous.

The protest was part of a global Million Mask March which was organised by the online hacktivist collective known as Anonymous and which took place simultaneously in 400 cities around the world. While it is difficult to get an exact estimate of the number of people involved in the London protest the number was certainly in the thousands.

While the march was peaceful in the main, there were a number of outbreaks of violence when police attempted to move protesters.

The Metropolitan Police said there were 15 arrests made at the protest on Tuesday night as the protesters started a fire in front of Buckingham Palace.

Whilst I hope that this movement builds into something exciting and new I say well done to everyone including Russell Brand.

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