Monday, 7 October 2013

“This is what it feels like, I don’t know if I’m alive”

“This is what it feels like, I don’t know if I’m alive”, are the words and chorus I just heard on BBC Radio1 sung  by some artist or other, can't remember who - oh dear, this is not senile dementia’ and the start of memory loss, I hope not, as if I lose the control of my bodily functions in advancing old age... say’s he chuckling quietly and inwardly.

Being in relatively good health then, and at my age, I must therefore count myself lucky and indeed fortunate as compared to many others of all ages who struggle with many forms of illness in their lives. It’s not an everyday news item, and it really sickens (no pun intended) me, that society takes for granted the work and mission that many perform on our behalf in NHS. It’s thanks to them, that many, of that I am sure; are very much grateful of the kindness, and thankful in appreciation, that those who have chosen this as their field of work, do it with such dedication and compassion with the ‘welfare of others’ as their real civilized mission in life.

I have always been of the opinion that anyone who works in the health service and some of the emergency (not the police) services, must be special - if they, and no matter how small; they help to bring about relief from pain to others, just being there for others must go along way towards thousands of patients making it through to good health’ and a massive release from anxiety and distress for many friends and family alike.

Miliband the current Leader of the Labour Party’ may not want or desire - that the next general election is indeed dragged into the gutter, but the next capitalist election’ in this country is just that in essence, the abstract that determines its character, and as it’s about a few capitalist parties, contending for power to help run capitalism’ whilst the rest of us look-up and participate with that little bit of so-called democracy given to us - the vote and from the gutter.

What’s not under attack, and what’s not being contested and opposed, is the real culprit and culprits responsible; as is always the case, the capitalist system of the market, that towers just as always it has, first and foremost over peoples needs and especially in health and then in the general - in all welfare.provision; and they the politicians of capitalism, have never really cared what anyone thinks so long as they have each other to blame for the crime, like glasses of     champagne; they save them for the special occasions, the election campaign to come and the front page of a capitalist rag of a newspaper, typically one regarded as being of low quality - that’s most of them then.

The NHS in England has lost more than 5,000 nurses in just three years, official figures show, and that’s since the coalition came to power and took over the running and misdelivery of the NHS.  

Peter Carter, the chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, has said: “The only way safe and compassionate patient care can be delivered is if we have enough nursing staff on the ground, with the right skills and training.
“The ever-increasing pressure nurses are under, with more patients to look after and more complex health conditions to cater for, is untenable and dangerous,” he said. “This is why the reports of Robert Francis, Sir Bruce Keogh, and recently Professor Don Berwick have all called for NHS trusts to guarantee safe staffing levels.
“Nurses in the UK want to be able to provide first-class care every hour of every day, however they can only do this if we invest properly in them,” he added.

I can imagine, and like most decent folk who put a real value on the delivery, and may one add, ‘from the cradle to the grave’, of a free service at the point of need; that the news regarding the government’s wish to halt a 1% pay rise for all NHS staff in England - is nothing short of adhorent, loathsome and repugnance at it worst.

Just what is it that the elected representatives of parliament do that warrants them, the right to all the perks and expenses and a massive pay rise, and not to forget all the fringe benefits, some we know of and some we don’t - just what makes them more special than the heroes and heroines of courage that serve at all levels in our NHS?”

It’s not that strange then, that someone like Cameron; and if it wasn't him, then Miliband would pay homage to those they send on missions at great personal risk to themselves to faraway places to kill, to cause physical damage or pain to; injure and destroy. Have they not got their priorities wrong - an Armed Forces Day, whilst the saviors of life’ hardly receive any appreciation and are treated with such contempt when in fact we all know they deserve much more than a 1% pay rise, and indeed much, much more in respect.

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