Monday, 28 October 2013

“The Great Storm of 2013”

In anticipation, and we are at the at the time of writing this post still waiting in London for “The Great Storm of 2013” with bated breath, just what time is it all going to blow off at?”

I must admit that I do like a good storm and was pondering upon how safe I am at this time sitting behind my computer writing up this post; just what time will my windows start to rattle in the wind of the hurricane, anyone would think I’m talking of a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean the way I’m going on.

Everyone is talking about it, except some homeless people I know here in Canning Town, well really and to be honest they are more like my friends... of a kind that is. Let me explain a little; ‘Shovel Hands and his mate ‘Super Mario, they live under the flyover on the A13 in Canning Town and have done with others for some time now. ‘Shovel Hands and this is his street name, because of his enormous large hands, they, have been staying together for a while, and as they say, there is indeed safety in numbers, and with a mate you are more able to deal with life’s many, many, difficulties, and that’s if you are amongst the thousands who are currently homeless in this country today; often do I wonder, why and what is ‘Great about Britain’ when you think of the housing hurricane that has hit this land full blast.

Words do fail me, where do I begin to tell the story of what is going on, why are human beings sleeping under a flyover of a major road that runs in and out of London, just why in a city that has so many buildings being built as now, that the great many if any at all, are not built to meet people's real needs, long council and social housing waiting lists, families exported somewhere up north and exiled far away from family friends and that most impotent network of support. The Bedroom Tax and for god’s sake (not to take his name in vain) all the cuts and attacks and on the proper provision’ of social housing, and not just as a civilised idea, but stands as an insult, to all those who fought for them ideals, and then strove and won them.

Socialists, hold that a sane society is one where people's social needs should be met in full, that there cannot be room for a barbarick system that allows others such as the homeless to suffer and pay the price of having to go without so that others may profit from their misery. So as we await this storm and its raining or it has been, but has now stopped. We should understand that homelessness is unnecessary, that a Welfare System would be able to overcome these deficiencies of capitalism, and you could say as it seems created for us. My own feeling is what they the government are doing to our Welfare and Housing, then they should be held to account, that  will and can be done by going much further than just tinkering about with reforms.

Only a Revolution will one should sleep out on a night like this.

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