Sunday, 27 October 2013

Storm of 2013

Just got back from central London this being late on Saturday evening; and thinking about it, there was much activity in preparation and action of making ready for the storm that is about to hit our shores and sweep across half the country in the next 24 hours.

The Met Office says the public should be prepared for the risk of falling trees as well as damage to buildings and other structures, bringing disruption to transport and power supplies, and yes nature may disrupt the daily activities of capitalism on Monday morning and into late evening, millions of pounds could be lost if power failure is experienced in the city. I suppose really what matters is that people going to work or about their own business, they should take extra care, take the day off sod the boss who may be an unpleasant and obnoxious person, most  are with very few exceptions to the rule of domineering manager.

In London this evening we have noticed that large cranes used to move heavy objects in construction, and there are many as London is rapidly changing, are being dismantled and made safe.

So as we batten down the hatches and make the home safe, there is one group of people that not many will not give a passing thought for, and that’s the thousands who have no home and sleep on our city streets in doorways of shops, some on the embankment in tents but under a river bridge; and lets also spare a thought for the many voluntary food and soup runs operated and handled by compassionate and caring citizens of the human race, who may still feel the need to come out in adverse and unfavourable weather conditions just to help others.

On my way home this evening I did think about a large group of homeless eastern Europeans, who sleep under a busy flyover on the A13 that runs through Canning Town. If that’s not bad enough that these fellow workers are forced to sleep beneath and alongside one of the most polluted roads in Britain, and Air Pollution from traffic and industry is so dangerously high in east London, that’s according to tests by local "citizen scientists”. Analysis and a detailed examination of the elements and structure at a laboratory used by the government found that concentrations of the toxic exhaust pipe gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exceeded EU levels by over 50% in some areas, and was over the safety limit in 15 out of 32 places tested; and our civilization at this stage of human social development allows this?

I have resolved to do something radical and that's to ask a local hostel, catholic church involvement and backing Anchor House Hostel needs to get proactive and offer these men shelter from the storm if only for a few days; so as the local Socialist, and better add independent candidate in next years local council elections, I will be sending an email with the following suggestion. It may be as well to contact the council as given the Pollution factor puts the men's health at serious risk and there has to be a moral responsibility if not legally, to protect their health and safety...why is it that these men under the nose of the council and only yards from a hostel that supposedly helps the homeless, just why are they being ignored?”

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