Tuesday, 8 October 2013

post work programme “support” interview

This week is going to be, and if nothing else, quite different from any other, my time on the government's work programme has finally come to an end. The brown envelope containing this sound breaking, earth shattering news arrived on Saturday, and so it is this coming week, they will have me in at the local, for a thumb screwing down to the floorboards’ post work programme “support” interview.

The appointment due on Friday, could make or break my weekend, and I don’t feel good about meeting my so-called ‘personal adviser’. Just what she or he is going to be like matters not really, the thing is, this is the stage where things can take a bad turning and for the worse, as new pressure is applied onto the job-seeker’ to take-on any old job, with the intention of  ‘that gets them off benefits’, and into paid employment, and of course, mostly low paid demeaning work being plentiful, but only for the right candidates.

The last few day’s, my mind has been turning over what might be in store for me now; and by using the internet, it has given me a pretty good idea. Life, my life is going to get very messy and stressful I can only imagine if the stories that I’ve read about are anything to go by.

Being a tenant in social housing means whether I like it or not, I remain plugged into the system, inasmuch as having to qualify for housing and council tax benefits, you therefore, consequently need to be registered unemployed or in receipt of some benefit or another if on a low wage; like the ever growing army of thousands not receiving or offered much in the way of take-home pay and end up having to visit a food bank, the modern day scandal that that puts to bed the lies propagated by Iain Duncan Smith, that work pays’.

Worry, anxiety and unease, must not be allowed to dwell on one’s mind for long, nothing is lost if we set-out to do the right thing, and the right thing it is, not to get stressed or stew and torment oneself over what is after-all an attack on our class by the lap dogs of capitalism. If they break our spirits, then they are on the way to total unadulterated, domination, and by one class of parasites’ that live and have for long enough, on the backs and sweat of physical exertion of the majority who spend their whole working lives and in the many cases, creating all wealth for only a few to enjoy.

Well I don’t really want to think about this anymore, what is going to happen will. However all this could have been much different if only the Trade Union movement had seen the mutual benefits of organising the unemployed to resist reforms to the pittance they call a benefit.

This unemployed claimant, will not be complying or taking up any low paid work now or in the future.


ReducedCapacity said...

""This unemployed claimant, will not be complying or taking up any low paid work now or in the future.""
Thats a taste of the the power we have as citizens. I really enjoyed this piece, thanks for sharing.

ReducedCapacity said...

""This unemployed claimant, will not be complying or taking up any low paid work now or in the future.""

Thanks for sharing. Thats a taste of some of the power we each have as citizens. We need more like you.

Bill Morris said...

Thank you comrade, your comment is kind and helps to keep focused, so much to do - hard times but also existing and a time to build.

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