Sunday, 13 October 2013

independent and staying that way now and forevermore

You would have thought that after three long years of Cameron... his grand and of course, hopefully it will be only a one off coalition of millionaires, toffs and landed gentry, who by the magic flute of confusion and lies, if not the sorcery and witchcraft of ballot box democracy of those who rule over us - you would have thought then and after all this time, that the people, the workers, would start to wake up, and perhaps start to smell a little of the coffee - as they say.

I must spend hours, literally hours just wondering why are people seemingly taking the bashing they are from this government and doing just about nothing about it; do they, do they in general see how divided and class riven society is today, do they see the class hatred propelled by a government and it supporters which includes the massed and always ready conglomerate of the media, spinning the lies and dishing out the dirt.

Sometimes it feels like you're the only one feeling the pain, that bitter pill of forced-fed austerity for the poor, and who are now paying for the ‘worst crisis’ capitalism has offered and presented to the world since the the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

When I think at length, as often I do then the 50,000 people who face eviction because of that terrible, scolding bedroom tax on the poor they all come to mind; the thousands, many neighbours and friends, forced into low pay, part-time and even zero-hour contracts, my own nasty and physically nauseating experience with the local dole office. The daily struggle it has become without any exaggeration, to feed and keep the family not only safe and sheltered but still together and intact. I had a very enlightening discussion once a few years back with a seventy years (but still young) and something ‘socialist’, who recalled going to bed as a child in Canning Town without an evening meal in those hard  years just before the war. Today and in Britain, children are also being punished for the crisis of capitalism, this surely is no more evident and visible than in the appearance of new fast food franchise’s that spring-up all around the country. The food bank is expanding at a fast rate and becoming as well known as up-market McDonald's restaurants.

Food bank demand, being so high in some parts of the country, that emergency and public, but sounding very desperate apples’ are made for new and even more donations of food to satisfy growing demands.

"No one wants to see children go to bed hungry in this day and age, but that is what is happening. We are not talking here about a developing country. This is right on our doorstep, affecting ordinary people in and around our local community.

Those haunting words, poignant and evocative of a food bank volunteer in Lincolnshire, they should tell us all, just how inadequate and thirsty for profit it is, that capitalism will even make our children pay for a crisis that is not of their making, and the impact of the many cuts and austerity, may hold them our children back in their own lives, one can only hope not in poverty perpetually?

They are so confident and self-assured that Cameron makes speeches, lecturing working people about ‘something for nothing’, a flagged up and exaggerated culture peddled by the capitalist owned media constantly over a period of time.

You could never convince a great body of people, like the multitudes that make up the modern working classes, that it is almost wrong to be unemployed, sick and disabled and to then expect it in times of great hardship, the provision of welfare, and dare I say it when it is needed, but on the other hand it’s alright according to Cameron,  to punish those in the greatest need with sanctions, and mandatory directions including working for your benefits, even working for nothing; and so reinforced with the propaganda, mostly biased and misleading, this help from the capitalist press is invaluable to the likes of Cameron.

Looking back on class opposition thus far, and it looks, that the coalition will do (complete) a full parliament then, and without government being rocked and shaken by people power of protest and civil disobedience, trembling from the millions that have taken to the streets in absolute anger, with not just austerity in mind, but the bleeding casualties having been enlightened are now more eager to fight back and re-gain not just the lost ground but the very hard won gains of our grandparents and generations of workers before them. It’s that generation that we are often told and often it is, who fought for the freedoms that we all enjoy and take for granted today; and so they say, and its that one assumption more than anything, which always gets me scratching my head in bewilderment at this very idea, a confused, disoriented perplexity perhaps, but I don’t see the freedom they talk about in the world I inhabit today.

If anything freedom, the very little we have; it’s corroding, and being destroyed daily in attack, after wave of attack; it has taken a massive fall in living standards before Labour made any intervention. The leader of the Labour opposition in the capitalist parliament Ed Miliband, has made a big thing about gas price increases and that under him they will be frozen only, a meaningless propaganda tactic that offers no real solution to the capitalist contrived energy crisis and year on year hiking of prices.

As we approach the runway of a capitalist election, or should I say elections, remembering that there are those European and local elections to come, including the Scottish referendum. I can only describe this as a orgey of refomist electionering and posturing, creating an identity in the minds of a target group, and only truth being for our own domestic general election’ to come.

With the exception of the students movement that sprung up suddenly and in-regard to the tuition fees and education cuts, and of course the riots of two fading summers now; there has not been and for all that, a visible, and like the church spire, a sustained defence and movement mustering numbers other than the People’s Assembly which is beginning to look and take on a more centrally led left leaning Labour appearance.

Of the many groups and parties on the left of Labour, they continue to do the same old thing, put the position, their own that is, and grabbing as many new members as they can. It is indeed a shame that a class struggle, our class struggle, is seen as an opportunity and a priority to build upon dissent, the party, the sect, but not the movement. It is because of this that many and not too unlike myself, now sit outside these organisations, and of course outside of Labour, away from all sectarian differences, quietly and diligently we do our bit to build a meaningful fight back, in the workplace, in community and at the dole office amongst the homeless, on the internet, and in many other places I have not even thought of but still doing their utmost to move the class struggle on in the daily battle to bring that change so urgently required and for the many right now.

I’m a Socialist and although longstanding I would be a fool to think I have or hold all the answers, no, sorry I don’t; If anything I’m still learning new things everyday, mostly from younger comrades and from all the shades of the red and black (depending how you look at it) flag; it is always beneficial and necessary for like minded comrades to work and campaign together, but being independent and free thinking are also necessary and needed in the now and the new world that we strive to build; and that world I hope and pray will be free of the party, the leader and the end of politics as we know it, and speaking only for myself that's why I’m an independent and staying that way, now and forevermore.


Anonymous said...

powerful piece mate

having left the SP earlier this year i agree entirely.

I also don't think these left-wing groups really help us fight capitalism at all i think as you say the main work is to be done in workplaces, community work in the community, it has to be the act of the working class not a self appointed vanguard (who often dont mean half of what they say anyway)

nice one fella

treborc said...

Well I think people are doing little or saying little because after three terms of labour and the biggest boom and then the biggest bust, you get Byrne being sacked, and then you get Ms Reeves stating we will hammer down on welfare.

The problem is people think god two parties basically attacking people for being unemployed sick or disabled and now they are going to hammer down on us.

Miliband to be honest is so so weak his whole persona is one of I do not know either why ask me, I'll check and then you get no answer.

I can see the Millionaires winning the next election as Labour again return to win some lose a lot.

The Bed room tax should have been attacked from day one it took ages for Ed to come out with yes ok we will get rid of it, at Conference he stated the Labour party would fix and sort out the NHS well yes we all know that was coming, education well seems free school are not that bad after all.

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