Saturday, 26 October 2013

I have freed myself from the boot work of Iain Duncan Smith.

It’s been sometime... since I’ve have been able to find the time to sit down and compose a post for this blog due to the fact that two weeks ago I started to work officially that is for myself.

Having been sanctioned twice by the DWP and thrown off once...I have freed myself from the boot work of Iain Duncan Smith.

What started out as a means of making ends meet on the dole has now become a full-time occupation of a sort and for me this is a big step into the unknown. In some respects you could say that IDS has forced me off benefits of one kind and onto working tax credits, and still having to claim housing and council benefit... I don’t see what he has achieved if anything.

Well there are still hurdles to climb over but scrap metal recycling is slowly beginning to bring to me a feeling of freedom without hindrance and restraint or even the authoritatively; prescribed dictate and push to supply cheap labour to the capitalist.

One other point that I wish to make, is that although my earnings will never be great I still stubbornly remain my own man and not a wage slave a person not wholly dependent on income from employment, and typically employment of an arduous or menial nature..

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