Monday, 30 September 2013

The Tory message is clear for all to see

That half of all the families hit by the now ‘infamous bedroom tax’ are in debt’ is not only a scandal but the hinge that should bring to an end (one would hope) the dictatorship of top toffs who for the last three years, have been hammering down the living standards of all working people.

The National Housing Federation, which represents housing associations, said a survey of 51 of its biggest members found more than half of their residents affected by the bedroom tax – 32,432 people – could not pay their rent between April and June. The survey shows a quarter of those affected by the tax had fallen behind with their rent for the first time ever.

If anybody wanted proof that this government of the toffs, that the rich and upper-class are bearing down with vengeance on workers and their families’ as an act of self-preservation, then this and many other legislated acts of parliament (some more still to come) during the course of the last three years, must go quite a long way to proving that; this then is the proof/evidence that what Cameron meant when he spoke of a Broken Britain, he in fact meant, that he would break the back of the working classes. Funny it is not, that the term used by the The Sun newspaper, and by the Conservative Party to describe a perceived widespread state of social decay in the United Kingdom has now seemingly become redundant. The Sun run frequent stories under the "Broken Britain" theme since 2007. As the phrase is essentially a political one, the frequency of these stories has decreased in intensity since the Conservatives came to power in 2010.

If there are to be televised election debates between the main party leaders next time around, then I would expect Ed Miliband to jump from a great height on the coalition that Cameron leads, and remind the electorate, that Britain and working people are more broke and broken now, than when the toffs snapped-up the reins of government with a sharp cracking sound and formed a coalition that no one voted for in the first place. However there are noises and excuses being made by Cameron in regard to such debates taking place, my money is on them not taking place.

The achievements to reach this stage then, some of this government’s at a glance are the following: Rents up £1,000, Energy Bills up 33%, Rail Fares up 36%, Water Prices up 20% and Wages Stagnating.

And as someone said on twitter ‘my mum didn’t go through childbirth to deliver slaves for Tories. A day’s wage for a day’s work! No Workfare-Not Now-Not’.

So with the Tory conference well and truly underway; never in the field of human politics, has such bad class policies been made with so few braincells. That about sums up the Tories for me, but joking to one side, and keeping to the facts if I can by saying the Irish got it right as originally the word ‘Tory’ was meant and leveled as an insult and derives from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe; modern Irish tóraí: outlaw, robber or brigand, from the Irish word tóir, meaning "pursuit", since outlaws were "pursued men".  

The something for nothing mantra that they love to use in their pursuit of hammering the working class, demonstrates only too clearly that they are still the thieves and privileged scoundrels they always were, nothing but nothing will ever change that, only a revolution of course.  

As we wait for Cameron who is a descendant of slave traders and the son of a tax cheat, to address his conference is there anyone who still believes that the NHS is safe in his hands, whilst behind us all, he plans to sell off the lot to his mates, after all he has the crook gean flowing through his veins, it is nothing to him that one minute someone is deemed fit to work by ATOS; the next, they keel over in his Tory workhouse, and lets be straight about this, many who would otherwise still be alive today are sadly deceased, that more than anything is the real crime of this government.

The Tory message is clear, hammer the poor and unemployed, hammer the sick and disabled, hammer the trade unionist, hammer the immigrants, hammer everyone and anyone.

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