Sunday, 22 September 2013

the ever rising cost of living


It’s early Sunday morning and I’ve just been checking out a news item that has caught my eye and affects most of us, the cost of living, you can hardly miss the ever rising cost of living, it confronts you almost daily and come to think about it, how can nobody except of course the very rich not have a little concern or even worry about how much it now costs to sustain our families and ourselves. The news yesterday that British Gas is planning to hit 12m household customers with an energy price rise of as much as 8pc in the coming weeks, then this surely must bring it home and hard on many decent working people and their families, the effects of which I think may have repercussions in the decades that lie ahead such as social unrest.

For all the media attention and spin about an economic recovery, and meanwhile down on the shop floor’ things are getting much worse, it seems every day brings more bad news for the majority and if they are fortunate enough to have employment on zero hours or whatever, even had their wages cut (to keep in employment or hours cut) only to end-up tracking off to the nearest food back that helps feed the family these days.

Most day’s brings more bad news and attacks on the living standards of working people, the capitalist is beating down on working people through its agent of government currently David Cameron and his right wing coalition of upper class twats’ now enjoying giving the most vulnerable and needy a good kicking, almost frogmarching and stigmatising the unemployed for being unemployed or underemployed fanned up often by the rotating blades of the media.

More than half a million Britons have resorted to using food banks to stave off hunger and destitution. Major charities have signalled their alarm over a dramatic rise in the nation's "hidden hungry" – families who are forced to ask for help to feed themselves – because of wage cuts, the squeeze on benefits and the continuing economic downturn. The numbers have trebled in the past year alone and are likely to continue rising rapidly despite Britain's status as one of the world's wealthiest nations.  

Cuts to welfare payments – including below-inflation rises in benefits of 1%, Jobseeker's Allowance sanctions and reassessment of entitlement to invalidity benefits – are the biggest cause of the surge in demand for food banks in all parts of the country. The cost of basic foodstuffs has leapt by 35 per cent and the cost of heating a home has jumped by 63 per cent in the past five years – a period in which many incomes have risen only marginally or not at all.

The hunger crisis has been exacerbated by the falling living standards of many people in employment, who have seen their wages trimmed or their working hours cut. Rising food and fuel prices are also driving families into poverty - So with bated breath its over to this weeks Labour Party Conference      


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