Saturday, 21 September 2013

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Rat from Scunthorpe McDonald's caught in Happy Meal box

This is a lovely story and thanks to both the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph the Mcdonald's on Scunthorpe High Street. That poor rodent, what a horrible ending even for a rat; and I just had to share this wonderfully funny account with you the reader of this post which has now ended a writing drought.

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Rat from Scunthorpe McDonald's caught in Happy Meal box

Two descriptions have been bouncing around in my head lately, they are ‘center left and center right’.

It’s the Labour Party conference next week, and now we are really talking about a poisoned rat, and still it hurts my head to think too much about the Labour Party of the center left. I don’t worry about Labour like some on the left do. They may get elected in 2015 and I have to confess by what I think is by sounding a bit socialist (and the announcement comes with the Labour Party conference about to start in Brighton they are serving notice, that they we will end the 'bedroom tax') to working people, in other words by fooling them into thinking they will be better off under them  than this current government crew of the center right. The truth is we won’t be any better off, so long as they keep to the center then the established and mainstream parties of capital will be doing their intended job for capitalism - serving its interests whilst continuing to attack the living standards of working people and driving them towards capitalism as a cheap form of available labour with or without the zero hours. My own intention come the general election will be to spoil my ballot paper, my own individual protest against the capitalist illusion of democracy.

I’m also indebted to the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph for this gem below, and for all them old memories of standing firm and opposing Tony Blair and New Labour back in the day, this picture brings it all back to me. What we have here is a kind of reunion if you like of the Blairite’s that took over the local Labour Party and controlled it for over a generation. Elliott Morley for those of you that don’t know (sitting in the middle) is the former Labour MP for Scunthorpe, duly prosecuted after he pleaded guilty in Southwark Crown Court to two counts of false accounting, involving over £30,000. On 20 May 2011, he was sentenced to 16 months' imprisonment. He was released from prison in September 2011 having served one-quarter of his sentence, and some say he got off lightly in regard to what became known as the expenses scandal that shook and only shook the foundations mildly of the political establishment, at best we can say, is that most of the parliamentarians in the end got off very lightly with very lenient (punishments) sentences.  

In this picture with him and taken last year and after Morley’s release from open prison, is some of his old mates, like another former Labour MP, Ian Cawsey, a close friend and former special adviser. Cawsey named one of Morley’s properties as his second home, allowing him to claim £1,000 a month to cover the rent which he was charged by Morley. In November 2007, Morley 'flipped' his designated second home from his Scunthorpe property to his London flat, and for four months the two men claimed expenses on the same property. Cawsey is sitting at the table and looking into the camera and at the opposite end to him is the current Labour MP for Scunthorpe Nic Dakin. All of them cast a black shadow over the great town and that of Scunthorpe Labour Party and for many years to come and least we forget.


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