Sunday, 8 September 2013

Even in the USA the population is opposed to the attack

It is noticeable then, that in all of Obama's western 'democratic' allies such as the likes of France and Canada, the populations (fantastic) are overwhelmingly against the war attack, which Obama is now planning to be far greater than a few cruise missiles.  Even in the USA the population is opposed to the attack, which poses problems regarding the vote in Congress and by the way this is interesting what I came across in The Washington Post the other day, a guide to how US lawmakers will or may vote; and you may see that , its quite scary but have a look here.

Only in Britain has Cameron bowed to public opinion , when he was unexpectedly defeated in the House of Commons.

Our leaders are weak, despite their bravado, and we should bombard our elected representatives and make every effort to build and add another million strong to our movement against war.

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