Sunday, 1 September 2013

Entrenched in temporary and low-paid jobs

Millions of young first-time workers and women face becoming entrenched in temporary and low-paid jobs on the bottom level of an increasingly divided workforce, claim researchers.

Early signs of economic recovery have failed to prevent the emergence of a two-tier workforce with more than a third of jobs for new employees remaining part-time in 2013, according to the Resolution Foundation think tank.

The report, Low Pay Britain, due out later this week, suggests that millions of new workers have been consigned to precarious, poorly paid and part-time jobs with whole sectors of the economy – such as the hotel and restaurant industries – dominated by low pay.


system failure due to insufficient evolution? said...

Self-management societies vs anarcho-capitalism: the new global war of ideologies?

nspirecruitment said...

It is too hard getting good jobs.

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