Tuesday, 10 September 2013

confuse the numerical proportion

In a perfect world, in a world that had managed to overcome many of the problems emanating from capitalism, like poverty, homelessness hunger and want, a world whose people shall want for nothing; could mean the end of crime, and the end of all crimes large or small is something really worth working towards as a socialist.

The deciding factor in every social relation of power is in the last resort, the superiority of physical force, which as a social phenomenon, does not appear in the form of greater physical strength of some individuals.

Moreover, on an average, one human being equals another, and a purely numerical and organic proportion decides who is in the majority. This proportion of numbers does not simply correspond to the numerical proportion of those groups of persons whose interests are contradictory, but is determined chiefly by the extensive and intensive degree of the class consciousness, the intellectual and moral development of an individual class, since not everyone knows his or her real interests, especially their fundamental interests; and above all, not everyone recognises and acknowledges the interests of their own class and individual interests.

The intellectual and moral stage is determined by the economic position of individual groups of interests (classes), whilst the social and political position represents more a consequence (though one that reacts strongly) and an expression of the relation of power. 

Economic superiority also helps directly to displace and confuse the numerical proportion, because economic pressure not only influences the height of intellectual and moral stage and, thereby, the recognition of class interests, but also produces a tendency to act in conformity with more or less well understood class principles. That the political machinery of governing class lends it increased power to “correct” the numerical proportion in favour of the ruling group of interests, is taught us by all well-known institutions such as: the police, courts, schools, and at times the Church, (state run like the Church of England which must also be  included). These institutions are set up through the political machinery and employed in an administrative capacity. The first two work chiefly by threats, intimidation and violence : the school chiefly by blocking up those channels by which class-consciousness might reach the brain and the hart. the Church most effectively by blinding the people to present evils and awakening their desire for the joys of a future life, and by terrifying them with threats of a torture chamber in hell.

Having said that primarily about the established Church; I am not anti-religion, in any shape or form and still consider myself a christian of a sort, my kind of christian socialism. But the real point of this post is to focus on the tools that the capitalist establishment use to control us and thereby protecting private wealth and a system built around it. The subject of the bureaucratic and hierarchical bodies employed by the state to maintain order is interesting, take the police who have and are still portrayed by many as having been created, steadily developed and improved, to protect the law-abiding citizen from criminal and disorderly element which prey upon society. But this presupposes a consensual society in which the state and the police are identified with the public, and in which the law, from which the police claim their authority, is neutral and unproblematic, and so they will have us believe.The policing of political demonstrations and of industrial disputes are the most obvious examples of potentially contentious policing tasks. Truth is that the police were and are still an answer to first the growth of an industrial society, and secondly now more than ever before, to maintain a ruling class position of discipline and direction over the working class, the numerical proportion.

The Huffington Post carried an interesting, revealing article about a police fitness test that has been slammed for being conducted in conditions "like a sexist meat market." Drastic measures need to taken in order to improve "sexist" conditions that include male candidates wolf-whistling at their female colleagues, a leading occupational health expert has said.

The "unfair" test favours overweight "blobby bobbies" over higher quality female officers.

The health expert that led a study which found the timed obstacle course, designed to set a level playing field for men and women, to be "unfit for purpose."

"Lots of male officers gather round while the female recruits bounce and jiggle and run around, and they're wolf whistling and clapping - it's quite a sexist environment.”

Shockingly, the report also found that in 2011, 52% of male Metropolitan Police officers were overweight and 22% obese.

This says much about our modern or not so modern police and the preferred calibre of candidates sexist meat marketers, the worse kind of mentally deranged person but possibly the best type to uphold the enforced system.


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