Monday, 9 September 2013

Bought and paid for like all the other piece o' trash politicians.

I read the other day that Saudi King Abdullah lavished then US-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with $500,000 in white gold jewelry encrusted with rubies and diamonds last year. Its obvious then that King Abdullah must have a very special relationship with the US or at least with it’s leading politicians like Hillary who may run for the presidency after Obama.  And of course praying that we are still here and providing the madness of war has subsided into the black hole of hell whence it came from.

The Constitution specifically prohibits U.S. government employees from accepting presents from kings, princes or foreign heads of state, and all gifts should technically be turned over to the General Services Administration for donation or public use. So if Clinton shows up looking like Mr. T, we’ll know something's amiss.     

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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