Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Tory foretaste of what's to come

Next week or rather this coming week, and don’t you just know it - is going to be all about them nasty and mean and close-fisted Tories, and, don’t you also just know it, that more working class toenails are going to be pulled-out in the two remaining years that they have remaining in government before and as it is said ‘we go to the polls’.

All the political leaders are now beginning to lift their game, and Cameron will use his party conference to kickstart his naked, knackered old capitalist party faithful into general election mode; and ready for the fight that I think will be one of the most nastiest capitalist election battles we have seen in a long while.

Next week’s Tory party conference will give us a foretaste of what’s to come, revealing as they often do the showcase of Tory Ministers planned movement and the advance of ideas and of policies designed only to ensure that the market, that profit, that the system, that they who worship more than any other capitalist party and including (as a party of capital) Labour who agree only in differing ways of administration, that the system is sustained, ongoing and unceasing.  

I was thinking about that last night (Friday time of writing) whilst riding around central London believe it or not holding up traffic with the sea of bikes that is now the quite famous ‘critical mass’ bike ride, through the city and its west end. I’ve been on a few now, so you could say that I’m a regular of a sort, and with a good friend we join hundreds of others on the last Friday of each calendar month and try as we do, to take over  London's roads and celebrate the real wisdom of pedal power over the dirty killing fumes of the modern fast car. It’s also important to mention that ‘critical mass’ is all things to many different people, no one owns it, it has no leaders and it is not one idea, but many ideas, that come together and become one mass.

This post is not about the bike ride, but whilst on the ride my thoughts turned over in my head the weeks events that had just passed, in the political world that is. Labour and the rebranding a prince for ‘socialism’ and the return of ‘Red the Ed Miliband’. Don’t hold your breath too long, Miliband is no socialist, nor has his very own One Nation Labour anything to do with socialism, and that’s maybe why his mother got a mention in his speech, but his father did not, that’s not strange and it may even be that Ed’s Dad is even seen as a bit too embarrassing for him...wobble...wobble - the table wobbles where the leg is too short. 

So as the ride (critical mass) came to a stop and well earned rest at ‘Buckingham Palace’ where a sound system belted out great jazz music and riders of all ages dismounted and started to dance, and in front of the Old Queens’ house, shocking whatever next and will socialism be like this, that was when I came to the conclusion in my head that the next general election will make little or no difference to the majority, that the first morning of the new government will be the same as the old and proceeding morning of the last government, nothing is really going to change only that we will have possibly a new prime minister and still running capitalism. Most of us will still have to get up and go to work, the dictatorship of the alarm clock will still remind us that dreaming will not pay the bills.

Governments we know, are driven under the relentless pressure of economic competition to pursue strategies based on rival capitalist interests. This is the cause of constant international tension, the world over, the reason why nations remain armed to the teeth, and why, from time to time, struggles over trade routes, sources of raw materials, spheres of political and military influence, break out into war. Governments be it Labour or a coalition of one half of the capitalist mainstream establishment, and the entire system of exploitation which they represent are an anachronism which must be swept away.

The positive action to change the world can only come from one source, which must be separate from the actions of government; this must be the world’s working class organised politically as a single movement.  

In 1848 Karl Marx declared that workers have no country; that they have a world to win. Against the toll of human misery since that time, and against the appalling prospect of continued world capitalism, that call is repeated now with greater urgency.

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