Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A grain of salt and a man of peace

The ground is moving fast once more in regard to Syria I am pleased to say, and in the right direction thanks in part to a proposal by Russia to hand over any remaining chemical weapons for destruction under international control. The proposal, which won instant backing from United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, added a new and unexpected dimension to the crisis.

For me its far too early to say who has won the diplomatic war of words, but for sure its not Obama, or is it?

The US president said the proposal could be "potentially a significant breakthrough", but he remained sceptical that Syria would carry it out. Obama also said that he was accepting the proposal "with a grain of salt initially". Couldn't help thinking that this sounded a bit biblical and made me think of the bible stories I read as a boy that tell of the Jews struggling for their freedom and, when it became known that a new and powerful leader had arrived, many expected him to be a warrior - dare I say it a terrorist. What they got, of course, was a man of peace.

So all the new developments are most welcome, all we need now is that peace comes to Syria and the World, and is allowed to blossom unabated - of course we can live in hope, but lets work for it.   

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