Saturday, 24 August 2013

The fraudulent means of controlling others.

Keeping your head -when all around seems to be losing theirs is no easy matter, but sometimes in life we have to just keep cool, no matter how difficult the going gets. I can honestly say, that I’ve seen many lose their heads and even sadly one lose the fight to stay alive this week - tragic and extreme but nonetheless true. This week has been fully charged with such grim realities, and as I compose this post I ponder the death of an acquaintance who is now one of this week's statistics, a young man taken away not even 30 by a drug and drink binge that blighted his and so many live, someone's, son, brother and may have even been someones father for all I know.

He was just a druggy, someone who may have been at his worst when beating up a girlfriend, hurling abuse at others and any remnants of authority that he still very much distrusted; possibly in early life he may have felt let down, abandoned and strangely as it may seem the prison, the jail was always there - and as always for him.

In the seven years that I’ve lived in Canning Town I have come to be familiar with what many call an underclass, not a description that I like as it implies that fault lies with the label and that the system is somehow exonerated and absolved of all blame. Sometimes I think that civilisation is nothing but a trick, a deceptive and very much a fraudulent means of controlling others.

I only hope that this young man with all his faults is able to find peace in his long sleep.

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