Monday, 26 August 2013

The erosion of everything socialism requires and capitalism despises

Would it make any sense if I said that we need Socialism so that people can change and change for the better, but then it is equally true to say that we need people to change before we can get to Socialism.

People still revere leaders who will inevitably let them down time after time. However people are beginning to now realise that living in a world where some have everything and others very little and in consequence suffer both alienation and disempowerment is not good in any way for any of us. We see and experience this all around us all the time, we hear about it in the media and on the news. Drugs, alcoholism, families where children are not cherished - parents being often too preoccupied nursing the wounds inflicted by the system.

There is an erosion of everything socialism requires and capitalism despises - cooperation, self-respect, love even.

I must admit that I hesitate to use the word and term “love” when talking about human relationships, the suspicious, sidelong glances I sometimes get makes me wonder if it is thought  I am advocating multiple orgasms for everyone. Love to me represents the possibility of having such good feelings about ourselves and life that we can afford to have them about other people too. And yet in this miserable world where money and exploitation must come first, we are discouraged from showing too much concern for one another in case this detracts from our real purpose-to provide profit and power for the minority. Only last night on twitter I read the following:

“The things that no longer matter: philosophy, education, morals, family, honor. The only thing that matters now is money.”

How very true is that?”

It has never been enough to have shelter, ample food and leisure. There is more to the human psyche than that. Even those who subscribe to the philosophy of “Bugger you Jack and Jacqueline, I’m all right must be partially aware of the emptiness of their lives. Since we are born and then we are gone, so it seems a great pity then that we don’t make more of our earthly existence.

It is distressing to see children beaten about the head in supermarkets, chastised for daring to whine or cry. The chances are they will also reach adulthood and behave similarly towards their own offspring. We can only speculate on the frustration, misery and ignorance in the lives of people who viciously smack at little legs in pushchairs and issue dire threats at what's going to happen “when we get home”. And we can only blame this on a system where “success” (often unwarranted) is accredited only to those who make money or, as is often the case, get others to make money for them. There is so much talent, so much flair in all people. It is all there and yet capitalism spurns it unless it can be seen to be profitable. So all we can do is look at the world and be glad that a percentage of the people see what we see. And it could even be that they are not yet Socialists - Not yet!”    

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