Sunday, 11 August 2013

refused the £56.80-per-week benefit by the DWP but won in court

A Charedi man has won a landmark appeal against the Department for Work and Pensions after he was denied jobseeker’s allowance for over six months and told he must work on Shabbat.

A tribunal judge said Jacob Slinger, 19, from Greater Manchester, was wrongly refused the £56.80-per-week benefit by the DWP at a hearing of the social entitlement chamber, which adjudicates benefits disputes.

Ordering the government department to back-pay over £1,500 of the benefit, tribunal judge David Hewitt called on other Jewish people denied money to come forward.

You can read the full article on THE JEWISH CHRONICLE ONLINE


Chris H said...

That is fantastic! If it works for Jews on Saturdays then it'll be Muslims on Fridays, Christians on Sundays!

It would be lovely to see the government's austerity policy unravel.

Bill Morris said...

Thank you comrade for the posted comment, and as always most welcome, this and the last post received more than over 200 hits yesterday, obviously very pleasing but more so that the message is getting out. I was amazed at the DWPs decision here, it seems to be a bit discriminating and of course you don’t get payed for being unemployed on the weekends.

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