Wednesday, 7 August 2013

One Nation

From the first day he was elected Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, was never going to be anything but a disappointment as far as I was concerned. I wasn't wrong either, and the vindication of that view may be reinforced by the slipping of his lead in recent opinion polls.

Just what is all this One Nation Labour crap and nonsense he keeps going on about, trying to get my head around what Ed Miliband, is saying seems truly hard work.

Well putting that to one side; I would like to look at the Labour Plan for Social Security Relief that he unveiled here in Newham some weeks ago now. Newham is a flagship Labour Authority with a 60/0 majority and a directly elected mayor in the form of Sir Robin Wales, and as it seems the local Labour Party has been moulded and shaped into his very own, admired and adored by both Ed, and Tony Blair who came to the old Stratford Town Hall when he relinquished his leadership of the party (forced out) to thank the local party and Sir Robin, for the support they had given over the years to New Labour, and now it’s Ed Miliband doing the groveling with his One Nation Labourism.

Miliband, came to Newham to unveil his One Nation Plan for Social Security Relief, not to promise the working people of Newham relief from the savage attacks leveled at them by the Condems and Iain Duncan Smith's cuts, sanctions and murderous attacks on the most vulnerable and sick in our community. Oh, No, Ed, came to Newham to tell us that under Labour some things may not change if they were to be returned to office in 2015, in fact my understanding of what he said; means that Labour will be as hard as the Tories when it comes to welfare, if not worse for us the downtrodden masses of humanity if we take what he said literally and the emphasis being on the control of expenditure of the so-called taxpayers' money".

“It is great to be here in Newham.

Where a Labour Mayor and council are doing so many great things to help get local people back into work.

The biggest item of expenditure alongside the NHS, is the social security budget.

The next Labour government will have less money to spend.  

Can you see what I mean in these his opening remarks from Ed, who was known as ‘Red Ed when he got elected as the Labour Leader, the great British Press fearing a return to some reincarnation of Old Labour. Well lets be honest there is more chance of Hell Freezing over than that ever happening especially when you take this quote into consideration:

“Labour - the party of work - the clue is in the name.
Our party was founded on the principles of work.
We have always been against the denial of opportunity that comes from not having work.”

You could not make this up or at least someone in his team did, Labour the party of work - that's different from the party of workers started by amongst others the Trade Unions and Socialist Societies.

Lets just take a look at government expenditure then for the fiscal year 2014 as project by the chancellor, and we will see that the total is £712.9 billion.

Breaking it down to the following:

Pensions                      £114.1billion

Health                           £129.7billion

Education                     £88. 6 billion

Defence                       £46. 5 billion

Welfare                        £110.0 billion

It’s the pensions that the government would like to really cut away at that’s what they are aiming for in my opinion’. On the 1st of January, 1909, The government agreed to redistribute taxes to support people in their old age, this was a revolutionary idea brought in by Lloyd George  On that day, the modern welfare state began in earnest; the rules were simple. Men aged 70 and above could claim between 2 and 5 shillings per week from the government. Back then the average working man could only expect to live to 48 years of age. So in reality this was not a risk with the public coffers and of course with the great war just around the corner many thousands did not make it to old age, however when the rest of the welfare state was rolled out, life expectancy began to rise and this is the problem that the agents of capitalism wish to redress, (an undesirable situation). As for the health service, well that’s being taken care of with backdoor privatisation that’s ongoing as I opinionate, and as for the rest of welfare well the DWP are cutting that back to the bare-bone with a cocktail of mean cuts, parts of the Social Fund, Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants have been abolished proving that the safety net has not only been cut but burnt and buried in the back garden of the DWP.  

And it emerges that Day-to-day public spending will have to be slashed by around £2.7bn over the next five years, with some of the deepest cuts to come in the final two years, a report has claimed. Two-fifths of the total cuts "needed" to the resource budget - used for funding day-to-day public services - have been undertaken by 2013-14, with the other three-fifths "required" to be completed by 2017-18, the report says.

let us be under no illusion One Nation Labour will carry these cuts out if they are elected in 2015 or if enfranchised citizens decide to stay with the devil they know then it will be Tories that do the dirty for the capitalist class. 

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