Friday, 30 August 2013

Never count the (our) chickens before the eggs have hatched

Don’t know about anybody else but in a strange kind of way, I have a feeling that at long last, some kind of common sense is beginning to prevail, although we should never count the (our) chickens before the eggs have hatched, that’s a young bird, fish, or even a reptile emerges from the egg?”

No but seriously; I think that our War loving Prime Minister has received a major setback in regard to the fast moving ground that is Syria and this the ‘end of summer madness’. He must feel very frustrated and well annoyed that not only is he beginning to look like the aggressor, the attack dog (self-appointed) of the West, but his plan to  be seen as a strong warlike leader is not having the desired effect.  

Funny how things can change in 24 hours then. He David Cameron and the Tories top table are bitterly annoyed, vexed, irritated and indignant towards Ed Miliband and Labour. And you could not have seen better footwork performed on the part of the Labour leader than the tango he has led, only 24 hours ago he was giving Cameron some sort of support  but today and according to The Independent: has ‘learned’ that Mr Miliband toughened Labour's stance after being warned by Rosie Winterton, the Opposition Chief Whip, he would face a huge rebellion among the party's MPs if he supported military action.  Some Labour insiders claim there could have been “one or more” resignations from the Shadow Cabinet.

What's this a rebellion - or is it what I think; a compelling move brought about by public mistrust  with the Westminster elite, and the lies that have taken us (Britain) into other wars and world conflicts with dire consequences.

As I write and contemplate this post which has been most of the day, I’ve learnt that MPs have rejected the Government motion on the principle of military action in Syria by just 13 votes.
The motion, calling for a strong humanitarian response which may have included military action, was defeated by 272 votes to 285 on Thursday night. Oh what a relief that is comrades all - Have we just stood back from something so terrible, frightening as to what this may have easily become - the potential for World War III.  

This a big victory comrades and even though by 13 votes. Cameron is fatally wounded, his leadership is in danger...this is a very bad setback for the ruling class...I’ve enjoyed it today.

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