Monday, 12 August 2013

hunger always around that corner for us all

Food has been on everyone's lips of lately or rather should I say on their minds and fingertips as bloggers and tweeters condemn the rise of the food bank in Britain, that thousands are having to turn to in these hard times of austerity. It must be very hard for a young family sitting at home on a low income, mum turns the telly on to keep the kids amused and occupied, and one of them programs comes on about cooking, she sits there thinking about how on earth is she going to feed the family next week as the kids shout out; “I like that, and I like that”.

When we were kids in the 60s my mum use to make bean pies, sometimes with meat if she had the money; for us kids, we loved it all the same, mum made great pies and we now look back and have a good old laugh about them days. However, I must say that our poverty was and is not the same as what some children are experiencing today, its more harsh, its prolonged and grinding, a reality that’s brought to you by the government of austerity working for the rich.

A project where food bank vouchers were given to shoplifters by police has been reported in the Sunday press as having been suspended after the police and crime commissioner intervened.

I think that such stories really brings it home, just how bad and how much people are suffering today, trying their very best to survive against impossible odds, even shoplifting for Gods sake. As if dignity has been striped away from people, human beings are being forced to do some things they may never have dreamt of in their wildest dreams, they turn on each other, they turn to drugs, they turn to crime and lose the plot; there is no such thing as morality, principles or the distinction between right and wrong, good and bad behavior are meaningless, and at the same time the oppressor's of our class use such examples to vilify our class and come down  even harder. The real fact is of course, that the real villains are those who mould our society, government, the boss and the establishment who have no problem that human beings are sleeping on the streets by the thousands, so long as a profit is made out of housing, so long as a fast food chain makes a profit out of poisoning thousands who can afford to pay for the garbage that even an omnivorous domesticated hoofed mammal (pigs) rejects.

About 12.5 percent of the world's population is considered "hungry," but many development economists say we already grow enough food to feed them all. But hold on there we also now have the Frankenburger which could become "a cheap supply of protein that could help reduce hunger around the world, as if a burger that costs currently $330,000 to produce might not be commercially available to consumers for decades.

The cause of most actual hunger that people experience is not because of a lack of food in the world -- lab-grown or otherwise -- but rather the result of poverty. They cannot afford to buy food. And with this lab-grown meat, they will still not be able to pay for it.

If  the test-tube burger did go into mass production it may make normal, cow-based meat cheaper, but that would mainly just help people who can already afford food but want to buy more meat, according to Gawain Kripke, director of research and policy for Oxfam America.

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