Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hands off Syria


'Several hundred people gathered opposite Downing Street on Wednesday to protest against possible UK military intervention in Syria and of course ahead of a parliamentary debate and vote today.

Waving placards bearing the slogan 'Hands off Syria', the crowd was addressed by MPs including Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott, who said they would vote against military strikes in Parliament on Thursday.The majority of people in Britain do not believe that intervention in Syria is the right way to deal with the regime of President al-Asssad, despite the chemical attack in Damascus last week.

While the government appears more than keen to be involved in any military strike on Syria, the British public is far less convinced.Research carried out by the polling organisation YouGov - after allegations of a large-scale chemical weapons attack emerged last week - shows the British public remains broadly opposed to any kind of military involvement in Syria.

The Labour party has said it will wait for the results from a UN inspection team in Damascus before deciding whether to support strikes.

My own observations whilst remaining totally opposed are contemptuous to the governments saber rattling with a single cutting edge and well before the UN team of inspectors has even finished to collect it’s evidence, collate, and combine (texts, information, or sets of figures) in proper order, it seems very irrational, not logical or reasonable. One other scenario is what if the rebels carried out this atrocious act then what?”         

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