Saturday, 24 August 2013

As they say stay tuned comrades

I have been without money, funds (dole money) now, for about a month and it’s been quite testing but not at all a Cut-And-Dry time really surviving’ on what I can collect and sell to the local scrap-yard here in Canning Town. I suppose you could say that in some respects it’s reminiscent of sights that were seen in some period  TV drama (people collecting coal) or another, such as I remember Sam (1970s) set in the coalfields of Yorkshire, and actually experienced by working class communities of the past and not so distanced either.  However this is not some South Yorkshire mining village but an inner-city London Borough. And just as I’m thinking that things can’t get any worse I injure my right leg and spend two days hanging around in my local A&E having my leg checked out for a suspected blood clot which proves to be thankfully nonexistent.

I’ve not attended an A&E or even spent any time as a patient in Hospital for years, which is a good thing (better to count my many blessings I suppose) thank you God, and you do exist!”

Any A&E late at night is indeed an interesting place to be, in a manner of speaking that is; and in my case as a people watcher or observer I found my experience illuminating to say the very least; with time on your hands you cannot but wonder at the marvel and in total Admiration at the dedication, the quality of being dedicated to one's job or profession as the modern NHS worker is and now as observed at close quarters. We are indeed lucky to have some really lovely human beings that perform difficult (daily) useful tasks, such as caring for the sick, injured, old and dying.

They are the Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance Service, Porters, Cleaners and many others behind the scenery of our NHS, or should I say what’s left of it - the real cool heroes of today.

Just observing these workers as I did made me think that with this sort of demonstration of human compassion mixed with the professionalism of free choice, free thinking, it could easily  be a blueprint for a different kind of society, with of course a few changes, mostly to do with proftering.

Anyhow, my thoughts and gratitude go out to every NHS worker, you all do a fantastic job - thank you!”

As for my claim for unemployment benefit,(JSA), I have become convinced; that I’m on a hit list of claimants that have been singled-out by the DWP Canning Town Branch, and in particular, those deemed long-term, targeted and then thrown-off or sanctioned. In my case, thrown-off without any notice; claim closed down P45 dispatched. If the government is complicit in spying on it citizens as the Lawrences and the people who supported their fight for justice have now experienced, then what says that they don’t operate a black book at the DWP. Why not?”

Four police officers were deployed and sent secretly into an enemy's camp, the enemy being the Lawrences, to spy on the family and friends of the black teenager murdered by white hating and extreme right racists is - complicit with their crimes. One of the spies now tells us, to hunt for "disinformation" and "dirt". Their purpose? "We were trying to stop the campaign in its tracks."

Instead of defending citizens and the public realm, it has been used (spying) to protect the police from scrutiny and stifle attempts to engage in politics.

There are so many things wrong with existing society and coming to light today, almost anything is possible. Would you have thought ten years ago that a banking crisis on such a global scale, came so close to the utter imploding of capitalism; would you believe that the poor years on are still being made to pay for that crisis whilst ineffective journalism runs stories of multinationals that don’t play or intend playing by the rules.

I think that many are only just beginning to see for themselves, that you can play by the rules all your life, get a job, hold onto it, and have the compunction to pay your dues, support the system, and yet - still get screwed - the slot machine eventually and in the end, takes the penny.

Take that now National Treasure of Ricky Tomlinson the Bafta-winning actor who still insists that a glittering career (good for him) in show business was never his dream role. Indeed he took to the stage and to our screens when he become blacklisted along with thousands of others, they were activist trade union members involved in the building and construction industry of the 1970s.

Ricky and pal Des Warren became known as the Shrewsbury Two after they were imprisoned for conspiracy to intimidate in 1972.

The actor, 73, who back then worked as a plasterer, served 16 months in prison over picketing tactics during the national building workers’ strike.

Now Ricky is campaigning to get the convictions overturned and says it is a disgrace that he is still classed as a “threat to national security” by the Government.

As he handed a National Lottery award to Gartnavel Chapel Cancer Support Centre in Glasgow this week, he said: “I got into the entertainment game because I was a victim of blacklisting.
“In the end, I got lucky but thousands of workers from the construction industry had their lives – and the lives of their families – destroyed as a result of this murky practice.

“I’m still blacklisted and branded as a threat to national security – it’s a complete joke.”

Many things have changed in the building and construction industry since Ricky was blacklisted all those years ago but one thing stays, the practice is more widespread than ever and not just confined to this industry alone, however notwithstanding all this the new tool in the bosses black box of tricks has got to be the imposition of zero hours.  

And at that juncture in this post I’ll take a break but I will continue my current of thoughts over the weekend rounding up on what I’m doing to challenge the DWP - As they say stay tuned comrades.

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