Tuesday, 30 July 2013

striking US Fast Food workers for a living wage

Thousands of Fast Food workers went on strike in cities across the US on Monday as part of a campaign for better wages which of course I blogged about on Sunday, an update to this story is that the workers bravely took their fight out onto the streets of America, winning the support of the public and at the same time building confidence in their own ability to stand firm against some of the big names in Fast Food, in fact lets get it right big multinationals such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC.

Thinking about it, it's ironic then, that on the one hand, these companies make billions from serving up without a second thought the most unhealthy food ever invented by man, and what about the poisoning of a nation and all I have read and heard about obesity, and on the other hand they think nothing of starving their own workers who are living in grinding poverty, and as   Jonathan Westin, director of Fast Food Forward said in the Guardian: “not being able to afford to put food on the table or take the train to work “.

Can you believe that this is going on?

It is indeed an indictment on American Capitalism, and if ever we need evidence of how rotten this system is then... simply this is it!”

And I say that as god is my witness’ and of course as a socialist.
The driving force or co-ordinating vessel and now proven not to be a hollow container, has been  Fast Food Forward’ began as a New York-specific campaign which has spread across the country as workers campaign for better pay. Walkouts have been held or are to be held in Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, St Louis, Kansas City, and Flint, Michigan, as well as New York City.

Is there possibly something we can learn from our comrades in the US, in "mobilising workers" for say the NSSN and their call for a 24 hour general strike?”

Anyhow lets just congratulate these workers well done!”

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