Wednesday, 10 July 2013


As everyone will know following weeks of mass protests, Egyptian power was taken back (last Wednesday week) and is in the hands of the military once-more.
There can be no mistake or misunderstanding this situation; the military is only committed to the economic interests of the country's ruling class and the regional aims of America.
Yesterday the Gulf states showered Cairo with $8 Billion in aid, thus showing their support for the army's move to push the Muslim Brotherhood from the reins of power, and a day after troops massacred and wounded hundreds of that movement's supporters.
Yes, the hated and despised regime when removed by the army was greeted with much jubilation on streets and squares of cities and towns throughout Egypt by millions, still the army not the masses are in charge.
I very much doubt if any of the demands that motivated the mass protesters will be met in any shape or form – for decent employment, a liveable wage, adequate social services, and above all else democratic rights.
I was originally planning to write something about Egypt before last week's protests, but trouble with my computer put a stop to that, however I did not think that things would have turned out the way they have.
And as this is a short post for now I just want it put on my blog that the Obama US administration are playing a very dangerous game.
More to come soon – peace!”


Chris H said...

My understanding was that Morsi's government was doing the bidding of the US, IMF and international capital, ie screwing the masses and handing over the cream to foreign finance. Whoever gets in I can't see anything changing for the people.

Bill Morris said...

Thanks Chris, always good to receive a contribution from you. I think there is a lot more going on in Egypt than what is in the public domain, for sure the Brotherhood is a very dangerous fanatical organisation, however we can not dismiss their election victory, it is wrong that democracy comes at the end of a boot and gun.

In the next 24 hours we will see if the situation gets any worse, after Friday Prayers today, it could even turn into civil war god forbid' – it's very volatile.

Thinking of doing another post over the weekend and will give you a more fuller reply then Comrade!”

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