Monday, 10 June 2013

Extremists are poor? Cameron hands out misinformation!"

People don’t need to be reminded just how hard life has become for them today, and I’m not going to say just under the Tories but also under all the elected so-called representatives’ of the people who sit on them green benches in the Palace of Westminster. The word democracy has no real meaning for many when you know that the politicians are going to do whatever they like when it comes to propping up the system of capitalism.

They, that is both Labour and the current administration of orange and deep blue Tory/Lib Dem coalition partners are doing just that; keeping a rooting fast decaying system afloat in a world of sinking capitalist decline and failure; let's be clear capitalism never was intended to be civilised, helpful or caring, especially if it's not profitable to do so.

David Cameron says that tackling world poverty will help Britain beat extremists whatever that means, and is that the real catalyst that's driving the big noises he is currently making. 

Somehow I don’t think so; yet both the U.S. State Department and our own Department for International Development are saying that poverty motivates people to extreme violence, so if that’s the case why on earth is he doing this whilst allowing poverty to run rampant in his own back yard, and the same could be said for Obama’s America? But first let us just say, that a survey of four U.S. academics who carried-out an extensive and far reaching field research in Pakistan, found that in general Pakistanis don’t like militant groups; that the poor are mostly the targets and victims of the bombs left in shopping centres, cafes and subways; it’s the urban poor that take the biggest hits. The survey made another interesting observation worthy of note and that's if we are giving money to poor people to stop them from becoming extremists, and I must say I don’t like the description; and then if anything we are giving it to the wrong group; was Osama bin Laden one of the urban poor? Well no he was not he was born into a very wealthy family who are still part of the Saudi Arabian ruling class that may still have business dealings with U.S. industrialists. 

Whilst the world is run the way it is, giving aid to help the poor is a good thing. But doing that to prevent them from becoming extremists or dare I say Islamic fundamentalists; then all the information on its very vague limitations from Cameron and Co is misinformation and deliberately misleading, and an attempt to support their agenda, and perhaps the focus should be in the middle and upper classes, so what do you think? 

More to say very soon on all of this, so just remember that being poor is a deliberate state that we are locked into deliberately and the only way out is a revolution nothing else works the Labour Party is testament to that!”

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