Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Carnival Against Capitalism #StopG8

London's Metropolitan Police yesterday deployed 1200 officers on an operation in central London and 57 protesters (comrades) have been arrested.

More than a hundred riot officers surrounded a former police station in Soho which the press propagated as  an anti-capitalist squat, and after a tense standoff, violently forced their way inside the building.

Aerial television footage  (Sky News) showed a protester being pinned down by officers on the roof, where several police abseiling teams had positioned themselves.

A banner reading "What if we smash the G8?" was hanging from a window.
In east London, police said they had raided a second building following reports of criminal damage and three people were arrested.

What then followed was then an evening of follow the protesters ending up in Piccadilly Circus where a party ensued into the summer evening, a banner was hung around Eros the god of love for yes this was a carnival against capitalism and let us hope the beginning of a summer of working class action.

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