Monday, 10 June 2013

Bill Gates the richest person in the world

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates on Saturday at a rally held in central London  praised Britain for "leading the way" on tackling child poverty, and as the government coincidentally committed £655m over the next six years to saving millions from chronic malnutrition in third world countries.

Gates has too much money, so much of it that he has donated 40 Billion US Dollars to things like fighting AIDS, which of course is good but then again lets be right he has so much money that he will never be able to spend it in his own lifetime, so why not give some of it away, he has lined the pockets of others like former President Bill Clinton and his so called foundation, and this foundation has been criticized for a lack of transparency, I suppose a bit like running government then.

I have no idea what Bill Gates is like as a person, he may be a nice guy, I don’t know as I have never met the man, but one thing that sticks in my mind is that he must be somewhat of a ruthless businessman to accumulate such wealth, influence and power that is for sure; the richest person in the world who co-founded this software that most of us work with and has dominated the computer industry ever since; and now, a global philanthropist well that must help him sleep better at nights!”

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